About Us

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it”. ~Simon Sinek.

A huge fan of Simon Sinek, YittBox was started and runs on the same business philosophy and therefore, we start with “Why”.

Why We Exist:

In our years of experiences, we believe the small-mid size market does not have competent, affordable, reliable IT partners. The big 5 IT consulting firms cater to fortune 100 companies as the norm but we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking outside the box and enabling the small-mid size market to compete.

How Do We Do it:

The way we enable the small-mid size market to compete is by offering a wide range of Expert level services at a competitive price. Each project has one individual assigned as the Customer Success Manager who’s sole purpose is to ensure you succeed.

What We Do:

We cater to small-mid size companies with a variety of IT Services. We provide these services at a reasonable rate, but an extraordinary high level of expertise. Want to see how we can help you?


Who Are We:

YittBox started with one individual trying out the “Gig Economy” freelancing. Providing freelancing IT services, focusing on small - medium size business, quickly exploded. There is an inherent void in the small - medium market with needing customized IT solutions, but not ready to spend the “Big IT” prices on consulting or “Off The Shelf” solutions. Within a year of beginning, a team of individuals had been hired and the freelancing service evolved and re-branded into Yittbox and is quickly working to fill that void.