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Microsoft Access

Our team of experts build custom Microsoft Access solutions for small to mid-size companies across the US and abroad. With over 20 years of experience in MS Access, the level of service we provide to our clients is unmatched. Most companies, big or small, have large amounts of data and various non-integrated applications. It’s obvious that when extracted and analyzed, data YittBox it is to manage your data efficiently and effectively, which is why we aim to provide you with solutions that are tailored specifically to you and your business. We can use MS Access to compliment your existing systems and fill the gaps, help to integrate data from various disparate applications, and give you a completely customized application for a fraction of the cost.


YittBox will manage companies Access Databases for them, move them to a hosted solution in AWS.

Microsoft Access Creation and Design

YittBox can create a database from the ground up that fits your specific needs and purposes.

Microsoft Access Modifications

If you already have a database in place but it no longer suits your needs, we can modify the existing database to reflect your new vision.

Microsoft Access to full WebApp Conversions

Has your MS Access database outgrown its original purpose? Do you need it to be accessible, by anyone, from anywhere at any time? We can convert your existing database to a Web-based application.

Microsoft Access to Backend Cloud Conversions

Do you need your MS Access application to be accessible by users across different geographic locations, but not ready to do a full WebApp conversion? We can convert your existing “tables / backend” to a cloud-based architecture and you keep your existing MS Access front-end application. Some client’s prefer this as it allows them to still use the front-end they are familiar with and customer themselves if desired.

Microsoft Access Reporting

Our team can create customized reports within Microsoft Access to query and condense data which can simplify the decision-making process.

Microsoft Access Data Analysis

The use of queries, tables, and VBA in MS Access makes it easier to analyze and summarize large amounts of data.

Excel to Access Conversions

Data conversion to MS Access creates data consistency, improves multi-user support, and provides an overall more seamless data management experience.

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