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Microsoft 365 Services

If you’re looking for a comprehensive business management solution to connect teams across different processes to perform cohesively and deliver results, Microsoft 365 Services has the answers. This intuitive, scalable, and all-inclusive ERP solution on the cloud helps streamline your business by connecting data across accounting, purchase, sales, inventory, supply chain, and operations to enhance customer interactions and revolutionize business performance.

The full stack of benefits and capabilities help your business:

  • Enhance productivity and gain better insights.
  • Increase financial visibility and performance.
  • Improve customer service and boost sales.
  • Optimize inventory and supply chain management.
  • Execute projects on time and complete them within the deadline and under budget.

How We Can Help

Microsoft 365 Services is vital in helping a business on path of growth. At YittBox, we provide different microsoft 365 services including:

Power Automate/Flow

Power Automate/Flow

Microsoft Flow is now Power Automate, and it’s a cloud-based service that lets you automate and streamline workflows, including time-consuming manual tasks between several applications, processes, and services by synchronizing data and files to boost productivity and enhance security with built-in AI capabilities. This way, you can focus on strategic opportunities and other tasks that need your attention.

Our team of experts can help you with any Power Automate Flow, including:

  • Creating complex flows
  • Multiple integrations
  • Custom connections
  • Performance troubleshooting
  • Training


PowerApps is the exclusive go-to service by Microsoft that lets you build professional-grade, low-code apps to provide better solutions and scale productivity. While the service provides extended capabilities for developers, anyone without an IT or coding background can build powerful apps to revolutionize business processes and resolve challenges easily without compromising on security. The pre-built AI capabilities provide enhanced functionality and the flexibility to cater to dynamic business needs. These applications can be tailored to either Mobile Phone layouts, or Tablet/Desktop layouts, and even include Portal applications that can be built into webpages.

Our team can help you, including:

  • Complete applications that you don’t have time to complete
  • Create new applications to suit your specific needs
  • Performance troubleshooting
  • Training
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Intelligent business applications comprising of ERP and CRM capabilities enable innovation across critical business processes including sales & marketing, finance, operations, service, HR management, and other business processes to boost overall growth.

Build strong customer relationships, enhance productivity, optimize resources, streamline workforce administration, simplify manufacturing and supply chain management, and scale your business by encouraging real-time interactions between customers and stakeholders.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Revolutionize the way you manage your customer database and switch to this customer relationship management software that helps your earn customers who are loyal, for life. Engage with your customers on a personal level and provide customized solutions with AI-driven insights and analytics that enhance customer experience. The built-in AI-driven productivity tools empower your agents deliver the right information at the right time.

Some of the services that our team has provided in Microsoft Dynamics include:

  • Fixing configuration issues
  • Analyzing and providing performance tuning suggestions
  • Analyzing and fixing business process flows
  • Creating environments
  • Production support
  • Training
  • Reporting
SharePoint - Office 365

SharePoint Online

Empower your team to share and manage content and knowledge for encouraging teamwork, find & access critical information quickly, and collaborate seamlessly across different departments and teams across the organization with Microsoft’s ground-breaking SharePoint Online. This cloud-based service assists your organization in migrating important data to SharePoint and collaborate with authorized users within and outside the organization to create a productive workforce. The wide range of customization options help meet your organization’s unique needs and deliver value to your customers.

Some of the services that we have provided to SharePoint are:

  • Custom forms
  • Custom workflows
  • SharePoint design
  • Troubleshooting customizations and security
  • Administration support
  • Training
MS Teams

MS Teams

Take communication to the next level with this all-inclusive business communication platform that lets you and your team meet, call, chat, and collaborate in on place irrespective of your physical location. Switching from chat to video call/conferencing is a breeze. Access important data and information securely in real-time to ensure everyone involved is on the same page. Collaborating, transferring calls, group calling, and staying organized to ensure a smooth and seamless flow of tasks is now at your fingertips.

Services associated with Teams include:

  • Integration of business services (Microsoft or Third-Party)
  • Team Administration - best policies and practices for your market sector
  • Training/Documentation for IT Administrators, Team Owners and Team Users
  • Migration from other applications into Teams (Chat, Meetings, Phone)

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