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24 Top Job Hunting Sites

24 Top Job Hunting Sites

4/3/2022 9:19:08 AM

Today, we are going to discuss the “24 Top Job Hunting Sites”. A popular method for job seekers to find employment opportunities is to use job search websites. There are numerous job boards on the internet, apps, aggregators, social media channels, networks, and recruitment companies.

The sites we are going to go into today can turn out to be a great source for employers who might not be familiar with the more popular and larger job boards. Niche job boards usually yield better results for your business and are more affordable than other larger job boards.

24 Top Job Hunting Sites:

1. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is heavily advertised on television, radio, and postal mail to companies, making it one of the most effective jobs search websites. They've rapidly become one of the biggest job-searching sites within the United States, with over 5 million jobs listed in the site's search engine and great customer reviews from those who have used their services. They also inform you when an employer is looking at your resume, which is a nice feature for an online job board. They also have available an app for mobile devices.

2. Monster

Monster is a broad online job board that is an early adopter in the field for its wide array of job postings and career possibilities. It is possible to create an online resume for potential employers, so they can contact you directly and send job alerts. Although t doesn't feature the most advanced job-search engine it is still used by employers, it posts more than 150,000 positions each month. There is also an app for mobile devices.


3. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is among the most popular jobs boards. They have a large database, and employers have relied on them for a long time. You can search for jobs by name, location, or pay ranges on their job search tool. CareerBuilder remains a great job board to place your resume. It continues to receive a lot of visitors from employers searching for applicants.


4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a fantastic free tool for passive and active jobseekers to build a professional profile seen by both recruiters and employers. There is also a business page for careers which allows you to view jobs directly from an employer. LinkedIn is among the top three sites employers advertise their jobs on, specifically for white-collar jobs. It could be described as "the new Generation of the job search sites.

When creating a profile make sure to include a high-quality and professional image, describe your work in detail, the knowledge you possess, and the tools or systems you use every day. Make sure to contact people in your region and grow your network.


5. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is among the most significant job search websites, boasting more than one million businesses listed on the website. Glassdoor also offers reviews of employers from former and current employees. Sometimes they can be a little confusing because they do not delete any reviews regardless of whether they are true or false.

They're an excellent source for jobs available worldwide and are rapidly expanding as the best job search engine. Glassdoor also offers an app available for mobile devices.


6. Indeed

Indeed is among the most popular job search sites and has been in operation for quite a while. They collect many jobs from career pages of companies and paid job advertisements.

Indeed has over 3 million online job postings. You can create an online resume and then have employers reach you directly. There is also a single-button push application procedure and a mobile app that lets you submit applications to jobs directly from your smartphone.

They recently launched an additional mobile application for remote work. They were once the top choice, but they're now getting behind ZipRecruiter and Google jobs after they stopped posting advertising jobs with no cost from staffing agencies.

Indeed, however, it is an excellent employment search engine to explore when you are looking for new job opportunities. They also have company careers pages and employer reviews like Glassdoor and inform you when an employer has looked at your resume, which is a nice feature for an online job board.


7. SimplyHired

A job search engine similar to where you find lists of millions of jobs posted yearly.
It also has the functionality of a salary estimator. If you’re hunting for a job, this is a significant source and a job search website you should check out.


8. LinkUp

A job search site that has current and verified job listings directly from employers' websites. They also offer details on the market for jobs and analysis plus a seamless application process.


9. Snagajob

Snagajob is the biggest and one of the top job search sites for hourly workers and part-time work, with over 100 million job applicants registered and job openings at more than 700,000 employers/businesses across both the United States and Canada.


10. Ladders

Ladders Job Board has been in operation for the past 10 years. It offers a free tier and paid postings that can boost your application, Similar to Indeed.

It has over 100,000-plus specializations in different fields, including executive positions. Post your resume and employers will visit you. This site has many users and over 25000 recruiters dedicated to locating candidates across an array of fields and positions.

11. Google for Jobs

While relatively new to the job-searching scene, Google for jobs is gaining popularity fast as the primary source for people online searching for jobs. All you need to input is the kind of job and the city you're looking for, and Google will provide you with an array of companies with advertised job openings all in a simple search.

Google accepts jobs directly from companies' websites or advertising jobs from staffing agencies and partners. In the coming decades, Google jobs will be the best choice for an educated job search. One of the best things about Google Jobs is that you can submit your job listings here at no cost.


12. Facebook

Facebook, the world's largest social media platform, is also home to a page for jobs that allows employers to list their openings at no cost on their website for every industry and sector.
The job section on Facebook is one of the fastest-growing career sites.


13. Craigslist

Craigslist offers a general section of jobs on its primary page that lists different job opportunities, including engineering, accounting, IT, legal, retail, and many others. The jobs are classified by location and type of job. Smaller companies often place job advertisements on this site for various sectors.


14. AngelList

Are you interested in employment opportunities at startups? This is where you can begin looking for these kinds of jobs. Angellist offers job listings on its job boards and allows you to create profiles and connect with others. Jobs can be posted here for free and hire top talent.


15. USAJobs is a great source for US-based citizens and its job search website is owned by the federal government, it offers all kinds of government jobs that work across the various agencies of the federal US government.


16. Upwork

Upwork is the most popular job search site for freelance work such as marketing, web development writing, remote accounting work, engineering, etc.


17. JobList

Is a job search site that aggregates jobs from the largest job boards, which list millions of jobs available daily? Their design and interface lead the pack of job search sites, and it's free to utilize. You can also create an alert for each day whenever new job ads appear, which will improve your job search capabilities.


18. Jooble

Jooble is an online job aggregator that accepts jobs from recruiters, employers, agencies, and other sources. Its job search feature is accessible in 70 countries and provides over 800,000 job opportunities to job seekers from 70k+ websites.


19. Dice

Dice remains the most popular jobs board in IT, and many companies continue to advertise their jobs on it. If you're searching for an IT/Software related job, look no further than, with more than 50,000 jobs available. Dice is one of the top job search websites for jobs in information technology. You can also upload your resume and get job alerts at no cost.


20. Stackoverflow

Stackoverflow is a site specifically designed for software developers. It has an exclusive job search feature and lists more than 2500 software developer positions.



A job board that focuses specifically on the engineering area, regarding job opportunities. If you're in the design, engineering, or drafting fields, this is a fantastic resource to find job opportunities. It is the best job search website for engineering jobs that surely you do not want to miss.



If you're searching for design CAD or similar drafting jobs, is a top niche job search site that lists job openings for CAD jobs in SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Inventor, and other CAD software.


23. Contract Job Hunter

While the website's style for job searches is somewhat outdated, it's an excellent source for contractors seeking jobs in aerospace, engineering, and other fields. It is a strict job board that works specifically with contracts.



It was established in 2001. It has openings for electrical, mechanical, chemical, civil, structural, and other engineering jobs. The design is modern and clean, making It one of the top sites to search for jobs in the engineering field.

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