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5 Qualities of a Good Website Design

5 Qualities of a Good Website Design

9/20/2022 7:14:23 AM

Learning the qualities of a good website design is a critical part of owning a business. With services having long migrated online, it’s a must for any business to establish an online presence now. From banking services to food deliveries, websites and social media pages have become the go-to for customers to perform a purchase, research a product, or make an inquiry.

With this, it follows that businesses must make their online pages and websites an actual investment. While many assume that all it takes is visuals that are appealing enough, there is actually more than meets the eye in terms of good web design. The following are the qualities that make a website excellent.

Contains Helpful and Quality Content

In a world saturated with thousands of content being churned out every day, the battle is not in numbers but in relevance and quality. The purpose of any content a business publishes must be to help its customers answer a question, find a solution to their problem, or impart inspiration. This is the key to improving user experience.

Improved user experience leads to good website traffic. When a user finds a helpful blog on a topic, they are likely to spread the word and share it on their online networks. The more people visit your website, the better it is for page ranking and brand awareness.

Readable and error-free

Website readability refers to how easy it is for visitors to read text on a webpage. It doesn’t only refer to word choice and syntax, but it also constitutes the font choice, spacing, colors used, etc. In other words, both the actual text and the context matter.

Readable content is a great instrument to make a visitor perform an action. It’s a great element for conversion. And just like readable content draws in visitors, the messy and erroneous text does the opposite. In addition to not looking pleasant, grammatical errors take away from a page’s credibility.

Functional and Easy to Use

The whole function of a website must revolve around its purpose. An e-commerce website that sells products must focus on shopping features. Any content or feature that doesn’t make online shopping easier for customers must not be there in the first place.

Loads Fast

No matter how valuable the content on a website is or how great the features are, everything is nearly useless if a website is sluggish to load. It’s easy for users to switch to another website that can answer their questions or solve their problems minus the waiting time. There are a host of things that affect a website’s loading rate including the hosting service used and the size of the files, so make sure to keep these in check.


Finally, a website must be able to function properly and load quickly on mobile. Most people do their online tasks on handheld devices so mobile friendliness is a feature to never neglect. When a website loads properly on mobile, it is more accessible and shareable. It keeps the website competitive, receiving all possible traffic.

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