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5 Tools to Help you do a Design like a Pro

5 Tools to Help you do a Design like a Pro

12/14/2022 5:41:19 AM

Whether it be birthday greetings, a company presentation, or a resume, you will need to deal with design from time to time. The problem is that not everybody is gifted with a knack for choosing complimentary colors or picking the right shape and size. The good news is that not everybody has to be gifted to make a simple design. You don’t have to learn Photoshop for your design needs!

Here are 5 tools to help you ace that design project.


Ever found a great stock photo online you can use for your slides only to find a sneaky watermark on it? Well, it’s the owner’s right to do that. But a superhero saves the day by giving access to professional photos you can use for free. Now say, “Thank you, Unsplash!”

Visit and browse through millions of pro photographs. Use the filters to make the search easier. Once you decide on a picture to use, you can choose to download and the name of the owner of the photo will pop up. Don’t forget to give credit to these generous people!

Design at Meta

Need a mockup? Meta’s got your back! Design at Meta allows you to find images of devices you can use for a mockup design. From the latest Apple products to Sony TVs, you can get them for free. Mockups are great at presenting what a product would look like in real life. If you’re working on an app, the images on Design at Meta will greatly help.

 The names of contributors are listed on the right portion of the site so you know who to thank.

If you’ve been in the corporate world long enough, then you must have created tons of resumes already. What did you use? Microsoft Word? Cool! Well, there is something cooler to assist you in your resume-making for your next job hunt. has hundreds of design options you can choose from. Other than the aesthetics, this platform actually helps you to land that dream job of yours by giving you word suggestions to use.


BrandColors has a straightforward function–you search for a brand and it gives you the colors that the brand uses. This can be helpful for presentations and maybe even for Halloween costume ideas.

Fonts Ninja

It must be a shared universal struggle to click on the drop-down list of all the fonts on Google Docs or Microsoft Word to identify a font you saw one time. Well, you can skip that process now and head on directly to Fonts Ninja. 

This is a browser extension that identifies any form on display. You just have to go load the website and click on the extension.

Final thoughts

Thanks to these design tools, you are spared from hours and hours of taking photos, editing, and researching. If you find these tools useful, make sure to share the good news with your non-design-savvy friends.


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