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5 Underrated Features of Gmail

5 Underrated Features of Gmail

7/17/2022 11:22:22 AM

Possibly, every person on the globe uses an email service. Another possibility is that it’s Gmail. For 18 years now, Google has been the dominant email service provider ever since it offered Gmail to the public in 2004.

The 1.5 billion users of Gmail surely find it convenient and user-friendly since it’s free. However, not a lot maximizes the helpful features that Google affords its users. They treat it as just another normal messaging app, but more for professional use and for Facebook signups. However, Gmail is more than that, and here are the reasons why.

Unsend an email

You just sent an email and you think it sounded too formal, aggressive, or casual? With Gmail, you don’t have to wish for a time machine. However, you can only do so for 7 seconds after you hit the send button.

If you think that’s too short, you can actually extend it up to 30 seconds so you have ample time to turn back on your decision to send an email next time.

On your app or the website: Settings >General >Undo Send >30 seconds

Set a template

Do you need to type out the same reply a lot of times in a week? There is a way around it other than copying and pasting the text from your sticky notes.

On your app or the website: Settings >Advanced >Enable templates

Then, create a draft, click the three dots on the upper right (on the app) or the lower right on the website), and then select the template. Name your template, then save it.

Schedule an email

Working with people across the globe? You can send them a message while you’re asleep. When you compose an email, click the down arrow icon next to “Send”.  Pick a time and date, then click on schedule send, and finally, sleep.

Search for a very specific email

Need to find the report from your boss? You forgot the date or time but you know for sure it was sent in pdf. On the search bar, put in “from:(insert name of your boss)” then “has pdf”. Gmail will display all emails you received from your boss that has pdf attachments.

You can also try:

  “to: (name of person)” for outbound messages

  “before/after: (specific date)” if you know the date you got or sent the message

  “in:(specific folder)” to check spam, sent, inbox, trash, or draft

You can combine these keywords to find the message more quickly.

Ignore messages

You also have the power to stop getting notifications from threads where you are accidentally or unfortunately included but of which you have no business knowing the specific details. Sometimes, people don’t know how to stop clicking on “Reply All”.

Open the email thread. Click the three dots, then gracefully click mute. Messages will be archived but you can still find them later on if you finally find the reason to know the specific details.

Life is easier if you take the time to learn the features already laid out for your convenience. Start with Gmail first.


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