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6 Reasons for Low Website Traffic

6 Reasons for Low Website Traffic

11/12/2021 4:21:58 PM

6 Reasons for Low Website Traffic

This blog is about the top 6 reasons for your website having low traffic. In the current global era, your business cannot survive without an online presence in the form of a website. Many business organizations have no physical buildings nowadays. Entrepreneurs are trying to minimize their fixed costs like rent and maintenance through digitalized business operations. Besides that, the banking sector breaks its traditions and comes to branchless banking. They all are operating through their websites. Without website traffic, they have no chance to grow. So, this blog will reveal the reasons behind low website traffic and how to fix it.

6 Reasons for Low Website Traffic

Following are the 6 reasons for low website traffic:

1. Lack of Technical SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process of website improvement to enhance its visibility when people search products or services related to your business in Bing, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. How can you get traffic when your website’s Search Engine Rank Position SERP is 100 or 1000? You need to rank on the first page of the search engine. Keyword Research is a crucial factor in SEO. The website’s main visibility depends upon it. Several other SEO factors include heading optimization, URL optimization, meta titles, descriptions, etc. So, you need technical SEO for enhanced SERP.

2. Absence of Link-Building/Backlinks

Backlinks are the links of a website that appear or are featured on other websites. When people click on these links, they come to the website. Backlinks are also known as inbound links because they represent another website's traffic coming through to your site. In other words, the website receives acknowledgment or redirection from another website. Link-Building is the process of creating backlinks. Even if a website has thorough technical SEO, search engines do not rank it until the website is actively link-building. Search engines need quality and related backlinks. To learn more on this topic, read our previous blog post all about backlinks.

3. Unoptimized Website Speed

Google owns a share of 99% of search engine traffic. They launched a new core web vitals update in June 2021. According to these updates, website speeds became the ranking factor of a website. Low speed ultimately results in huge bounce rates and a bad user experience. Any websites that are unable to clear core web vitals for speed face a huge decrease in SERPs. So, low speed is also a big reason for and result in low traffic.

4. Lack of Social Media Appearance

Social media is an alternative traffic source for websites. You can imagine the importance of social media traffic when seeing that some companies only target social media platforms to find clients and have no website at all. Social media is the only source of income for these companies. In the current digital era, entrepreneurs want to get traffic from both social media and search engines. They divert their traffic from social media through to their websites. If your website has a lack of traffic, even after the presence of the above-said three reasons, then you will have to target social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. to improve traffic to your site.

5. Unoptimized Content

Content is the backbone of a website’s credibility. You cannot generate traffic until you have captivating and interesting content. Having old and unoptimized content on your site is another reason for low website traffic. Writing content without traffic on search engines and social media will drag down your site’s potential traffic. To avoid this, you will have to do keyword research and write content according to the demand of well-researched traffic you want to draw.

6. Lack of Google My Business Account

First, we need to know a little about GMB. Google Get Your Business Online is a program launched by Google in 2011 aimed at increasing the web presence of small businesses and cities by providing free advice on search engine optimization and helping business owners update their information on Google for free. If your website has no GMB account, then you are missing out on a huge amount of potential traffic. It becomes more important when you need local traffic. The other benefit of GMB is that your website can now grow through Google much more quickly.

Reasons for Low Website Traffic: The Conclusion

Website traffic is filled with potential clients for business. No business can survive without a website or social media appearance. A website with excellent SEO, speed, link-building, social media presence, GMB, and optimized content never faces the problem of low traffic. Here we have discussed the 6 main reasons for low website traffic. There are still a good number of other reasons that relate to causes and fixes for low-traffic sites, which we will discuss in YittBox’s upcoming blogs.

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