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7 Tips To Boost Your Company’s Productivity with MS Access

7 Tips To Boost Your Company’s Productivity with MS Access

9/17/2020 1:42:44 AM

7 Tips To Boost Your Company’s Productivity with MS Access

It’s generally said that organizations that do not realize the importance of data management are less likely to survive in the modern and competitive business industry. Data is the most valuable asset for any company, and it should always be organized and managed in an efficient manner.

When it comes to using the right software for keeping the important information related to a business in one place, Microsoft Access is second to none. Its dashboard is convenient to use, user-friendly, and allows the user to categorize every detail in a proper way.

If you’ve been using MS Access for your company, and think that it takes a lot of your time, then the following are some time-saving tips that will enable you to use this amazing database system more efficiently.

Boost Your Company's Productivity: Utilize Templates

While using Microsoft Access, building a database from scratch can be tiresome and long-lasting. This is where you need to work smartly and choose among the variety of templates available. They can be used to create detailed reports and help you perform a better analysis.

Small Database Fields

MS Access is known for adding information in the form of tables and fields. By default, the text fields allow up to 255 characters and there’s so much space left that you won’t use. Avoid the extra storage space, and make the text fields of appropriate size.

Import and Export Data

Rather than entering data all over again in different systems, you can easily import the critical information from Excel to Access and save yourself a lot of time. If you’re not sure if you should switch from Excel to Access, contact us today for the best Microsoft Access services. Moreover, data can also be exported from Access to Excel.

Know the Shortcuts

Shortcuts are a huge time-saver while using MS Access. They make you perform your tasks quickly, enhance your working, and are very helpful. Make some time and know the various shortcuts that can be used in this tool. For example, in a multi-line field, you can move to the beginning by using “CTRL + HOME” and move to the end by using “CTRL + END.”

Advances Queries with SQL

Structured Query Language or SQL allows the users to choose the exact results they’ve been searching for. It is the foundation of relational databases and you can rely on it if you’re having trouble with designing a query.

Don’t Forget to Backup

It is extremely important to back up your database, and you can maintain backup copies at another location in case something wrong happens at your workplace. Also, you can store the backups to the cloud so they can be retrieved later. The best way is to backup data on a weekly basis or as often you feel is necessary.

Ask For Help

MS Access can help you transform the working of your business in ways you cannot even think of. It is a popular database system and you can easily get the help you’re seeking for. Moreover, the professionals at YittBox are always here to help you manage your data, and can offer you outstanding MS Access solutions. Instead of trying to figure out the problem within piles of data, let experts handle the situation before it gets worse.


Microsoft Access will always be a reliable database program for businesses of all sizes and types. To make the most of this tool, and generate better analysis and outcomes for your organization, follow the above tips.

Also, you can feel free to get in touch with us for the best data access solutions!

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