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6 Best Freelancing Websites

6 Best Freelancing Websites

11/18/2021 11:14:40 PM

The blog is about “6 Best Freelancing Websites.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, freelancing became the most critical source of employment for people who had lost their traditional jobs due to downsizing and the shrinking economy. Even people who retained their jobs started working from home as a result of the pandemic. If you were among those who lost their job and have the marketable skills, do not worry. YittBox has experience with freelancing and can tell you about some of the best freelancing websites where you can get jobs. These websites are also helpful for small to medium-sized businesses, which have limited resources for hiring, as they can also use these freelancing websites to hire professionals at affordable rates.

Best Freelancing Websites: Concept and Importance

To understand freelancing, we need to understand what a freelancer is first. A freelancer is an individual or firm which works independently and earns money on a per-job, per-project, and per-task basis. These jobs or tasks are usually on a short-term basis. Freelancers are not employees of a company. A freelancer can work on more than one task or project until a job contract is completed. Freelancers have the freedom of selecting to work on several contracts or just one, depending on their availability. Freelancing is a process that starts from being hired to completing a task or job.

Best Freelancing Websites

The following are the best freelancing website:

1. Upwork: Top among Best Freelancing Websites

Upwork is the most decorated freelancing platform in the world. The revenue of Upwork was approximately 373 million USD in 2020. It was the highest revenue among the freelancing platforms available. Upwork was founded in 2015 and had both traditional and non-traditional recruitment processes. The traditional approach includes employers posting jobs on Upwork and freelancers applying for these jobs through proposals. The non-traditional approach includes project catalog features in which freelancers showcase their services, and employers can contact them directly without job postings or proposals. 

Features: Upwork is famous for long-term projects. It also includes hourly and fixed-rate jobs. Project catalogs, desktop time tracker software, and payment protection are the features of Upwork that are also available for a safe work set up for freelancers. Upwork also has a 5-day security payment period. Upwork even has specialists to work on difficult and higher-level projects.

Services: Accounting and Consultancy, Admin Support, Customer Service, Data Science & Analytics, Design & Creative, Engineering & Architecture, IT & Networking, Legal, and Sales & Marketing.  

2. Fiverr ranks second in terms of annual revenue for freelancing sites, with an approximate revenue of 183 million USD in 2020. Fiverr was founded in 2010. The site works through a non-traditional recruitment process called gigs. A gig is similar to Upwork’s “project catalog.” Fiverr has a very limited traditional recruitment process in the form of a buyer request feature. The employer creates a buyer request, and freelancers apply for it through offers. 

Features: Fiverr is famous for small and easy projects. It is a suitable option for employers who have a very limited budget. Fiverr’s accountability and screening process for freelancers’ progress is very tough compared to other freelancing websites. It has a 14-day security payment period.

Services: Graphic & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Lifestyle, Business, Programming & Tech, and Music & Audio.

3. Toptal

Toptal, founded in 2010, is another one of the best freelancing websites out there. Toptal’s gross revenue was 300 million USD. Toptal features a great number of professional and expert freelancers who provide services to various businesses. The screening process is very strict to become a freelancer with Toptal. The method includes five steps, and a candidate must pass to sign on. Freelancers who have a good level of confidence and expertise in their skills can easily start freelancing on Toptal.

Features: Toptal has large business clients like Motorola and Airbnb. It has a time tracking and invoicing feature called TopTracker. The project sizes tend to be very large in terms of payout.

Services: Website Development, Website Designing, Graphic & Designing, Financial Services, Product Management, and Project Management.

4. Freelancer

Freelancer is another great freelancing website. It includes both long-term and short-term jobs. Freelancer holds a traditional recruitment process and has a wide range of experts in various fields. Clients can very easily find experts to meet their project needs. You only need to sign up to create your account. After that, you fill out the information form to start your freelancing journey. One drawback, however, is that Freelancer is infamous for spam applicants and fake clients.

Features: Quick Response Customer Service, Progress Tracker.

Services: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Admin Support, Data Entry, and Writing & Translation.

5. Guru

Guru is yet another one of the best freelancing websites to find and hire freelancers online and find work. Guru was founded in 1998. Guru is also well equipped with long-term and short-term projects. Companies can hire professionals and experts who span across programmers, designers, project managers, and developers. Guru holds a traditional recruitment process. You can easily create an account on Guru. Guru also has some problems with fake clients to an extent.

Features: Free Membership, Customized Job Listings, Customer Service, and Secure Payment.

Services: Programming, Website Development, Digital Marketing, Accounting & Consultancy, Writing & Translation, and Data Entry.

6. FlexJobs

FlexJobs was founded in 2007, and it is a subsidiary of Job Hunt. FlexJobs provides freelance, full-time, and part-time jobs. FlexJobs is very diligent in screening out fake clients and fake jobs. Their screening program ensures the credibility of all jobs and clients posted. FlexJobs holds a traditional recruitment process.

Features: Credible Support System, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, and Scam Free.

Services: Journalism & Legal Writings, Transcription, Content Marketing, Graphic Designing, and Website Development.

Best Freelancing Websites: Conclusion

In the coming years, freelancing will hold a major share in employment, due in big part to the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations and businesses will reduce their fixed costs like rent, furniture, and machinery to increase profits. Digital marketing comes over traditional marketing nowadays as well. This blog has discussed the 6 best freelancing websites based on their features and services for companies and freelancers looking for work. If you have lost your regular job, then take advantage of the online world of freelancing! Try your expertise in freelancing to enhance your earnings and living standards. 

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