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Big Data Critical Competitive Advantage For Companies

Big Data Critical Competitive Advantage For Companies

1/19/2021 4:11:54 AM

Big Data Critical Competitive Advantage For Companies

Here is Big Data Critical Competitive Advantage For Companies. Undoubtedly, data has become an essential factor for the functioning of every sector in the global economy. No economic activity can take place without data. The big data for companies form the basis that analyzes the growth and competition of individual firms. 

With a smart data strategy, the companies are using big data to build value in the industry in order to compete. Let’s discuss how companies benefit from big data for competitive advantage in this article. 

Big Data For Companies Become A New Competitive Advantage

Many industries, including new entrepreneurs and established competitors, are using smart data strategy to capture, innovate and compete for value. For example, in the healthcare sector, the data developers analyze the outcomes of prescribed pharmaceuticals and discover the risks and benefits that were not visible during the clinical trials. 

Ultimately, big data for companies help create new categories and growth opportunities by analyzing and aggregating industry data. Most of the companies will be analyzing the huge information from where they can capture the data about consumer preferences, products & services, and the suppliers for competitive advantage. 

Big data is generally known by the combination of three factors: High-variety, high-volume and high- velocity.


Data is structured in different forms and formats. It can be in the form of unstructured text like email, video, document, stick ticker data or audio, and it can be in numeric form like those in a traditional database


Big data helps track and monitor what happens in social media, information and business transactions from sensor data or machine-oriented data. Thus, it produces data in a huge capacity.


There should be timely dealt with the big data streaming at high speed. The data is processed and analyzed at a fast speed to produce real or near-time results.

Benefits Of Big Data For Companies To Create Competitive Advantage 

One reason why big data for companies is gaining popularity is due to the insights that diminish the possibility of surprises. Surprises are least favored in business. Therefore, big data enable companies to leverage their knowledge and develop models to track their performance.

Let us discuss some of the benefits of big data.

Provides Insights In The Competition 

The insights into big data can help to create a competitive advantage for companies. They can teach your company about your competition. The analysis of big data is not limited; it aims to blend the external and internal data of the company. Thus, critical business insights are revealed by discovering various patterns of business activity among the competitors.   

Using Big Data For Real-Time Customization

Customer-based companies have been using data to target and segment different customers. Big data for companies have made possible the real-time personalization, which was once considered as ultramodern. 

A retailer can now track their customer's behavior from their preferences and clickstreams on the internet. After that, when a customer is close to making a purchase, they can reward them with some program benefits. This real-time targeting increases the purchases from valuable customers while leveraging the data from reward programs. 

Creating New Business Models

Big data with smart data strategy offers new opportunities to create business models based on information. Some of the business observes that through big data, they generate valuable information from business transactions.    

With the knowledge gained from analyzing their data, many companies started a similar business to work with other firms. For example, a transport company has collected vast information on global product shipments. Now, the company created another unit of its firm that sells data to economic forecasts and supplement business.  

Final Thoughts

Big data for companies is used to outperform competitors in the industry. The new entrants and existing competitors use smart data strategy to analyze the data and use it for their benefit. 

No matter if your business is small or big, big data creates new growth opportunities for companies. A drive of innovation, improved customer satisfaction, maximizing profits, and improved efficiency are some benefits of big data. 

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Kaludi Salman 4/1/2021 12:18:52 AM
Very useful information

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