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Canva Revolution: Making Design Accessible

Canva Revolution: Making Design Accessible

12/25/2022 1:39:02 PM

Canva is the epitome of the use of technology in bridging the lack of expertise and the need for good design. Before Canva, the world was limited to PowerPoint and Photoshop for photo and design needs. These two were great tools, but only a few people could successfully create beautiful designs for mockups, presentations, certificates, and more. It required skill and expertise to produce beautiful designs after all.

When Canva came, it made good design accessible to everyone including students, employees, and ordinary individuals exploring art. It revolutionized the accessibility of design. And fast forward to years later, the added features just made it even easier. The following are some of the best features you can enjoy using Canva.

Edit videos

Yes, you can edit, and even produce, videos on the platform. Simple editing can be done on Canva by just uploading the video on an empty page. Using the scissors tool, you can cut the clip. You can also remove the background and only retain the subject from the clip.

You can make GIFs and short animations using multiple Canva pages and export the file as GIF or mp4 video.

Generate QR code

Creating a QR code to insert into your presentation is easy using Canva. Simply select “Elements” then search for the keyword “QR” on the search bar. You will be prompted to paste a link to the file and it will generate a QR code you can paste anywhere on your presentation.

Remove photo background

Removing a photo’s background is as simple as selecting the image, clicking on “Effects”, and choosing “Background Remover”. Voila, you have the subject lifted from the photo.

Save a color palette

If you usually work with the same color palette, you can save it and name it for easier use next time. On the colors panel, select the option to add a new palette, choose the colors you usually use, then save and name the group.

Design a mockup

Making a product has never been easier. Canva has tons of mockup templates to choose from. Simply select “image”,  then scroll down to “Smartmockups” and choose the product that you need. It has phones, shirts, mugs, cards, books, and computers, among others.

Play around with templates

And of course, Canva’s biggest strength–professionally designed templates. Whether it be for presentations, birthday cards, or invitations, Canva has thousands of well-designed templates to choose from.

Just select a theme for the project you’re working on and the site will return thousands of results 

 with varying themes.

One Canva hack you need to familiarize yourself with is using the right keywords and shortcuts when finding elements. You can insert retro backgrounds, line art, gradient styles, and even music clips to spice things up.

Canva is a great tool to play with for both beginners and expert designers. It helps save time and it’s an affordable tool. Canva has a free option that lets users access basic features, but even Canva Pro which allows full use of the platform is a cheap alternative to other design tools.



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