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Entertainment and E-commerce: What you need to know about TikTok Shop

Entertainment and E-commerce: What you need to know about TikTok Shop

8/27/2022 12:22:46 PM

TikTok soared to its peak popularity among Generation Z while everybody was locked away inside their homes as a pandemic protocol. Dance challenges, recipes, funny skits, and cute pet videos became a huge part of mobile entertainment.

Soon after, the content on Tiktok got even more varied with doctors, lawyers, tarot readers, and fitness coaches vying for a share of attention and following. TikTok's audience grew beyond the young population. Check out @grandma_droniak’s account to see that this app has indeed bridged generation gaps.

As if the pace at which Tiktok is attracting social media audience shares, its eye is on the goal of keeping users in the app even longer and for more reasons other than astrology readings. You can now shop without leaving your FYP!

A new feature

TikTok shop is a fresh feature that allows TikTok users to buy and shop for products without ever leaving the app. normally, when browsing for products on social media, the user will be redirected to the company’s website to proceed with the transaction. On TikTok, a business account has a dedicated shopping tab on its account where users can do the browsing, choose, pay, and ship.

TikTok Shop had its trial run with some Shopify merchants in the United States and the United Kingdom before expanding to Canada and starting September 2021, it’s all over the world.  Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic business, was one of the very first to try the TikTok Shop.

Shopping made easier for everyone

Being an app that made its fortune out of videos, it is not surprising that TikTok went as far as allowing its customers to buy a product directly from a video. A business can embed a link in any video that leads to the product page. It was as simple as putting a yellow shopping bag icon on the screen.

It’s a win-win for businesses. It’s been a trend in the past months to launch or widen an aggressive marketing campaign through the use of engaging videos. Everybody capitalized on the power of virality. Now, these videos play a role bigger than brand awareness or connecting with customers, because the whole buying experience can be executed within the app, and within minutes. Social proof can even be seen in the form of comments. All of this in one app, and possibly, one video.

Another added feature is the use of live videos where an interested customer can browse all product listings and ask the host about their details. They can even ask for a live demo or a fit check. 

A separate TikTok for Business app is available to businesses. They can track the performance of their advertising campaigns. A TikTok Shopify app also exists where users can integrate their TikTok and Shopify accounts, manage their ads, and view sales performance.

Needless to say, TikTok Shop is becoming one of the main channels any e-commerce must have. Given the market share the app has, no questions must be asked.


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