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Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Cloud Computing

Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Cloud Computing

11/22/2020 9:13:51 AM

Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is reaching various heights in this ever-evolving world. The hybrid cloud is one such invention that is helping IT users and other tech-related businesses to create a much more user-friendly data center.

First off, you may wonder what cloud computing is and what is hybrid cloud computing. Cloud computing can act as storage, data center, and the delivery of software, analytics, and networks.
Cloud computing offers IT service providers and other users to use a network and store multiple resources within itself. There are two types of clouds, and they are public cloud and private cloud.

Hybrid cloud computing is a combination of both public and private clouds. The hybrid cloud infrastructure consists of the qualities of both of these clouds. One of the most common uses of hybrid cloud is that sensitive and important data can be stored in a private cloud.

On the other hand, less incriminating and common data and the network is stored in the public cloud. A hybrid cloud uses the best qualities of public and private cloud, excluding each of these clouds' disadvantages.

Read on to know more!

Hybrid Cloud Computing: Public Cloud – Uses and Disadvantages

The public cloud is the internet. Whatever is stored in here can be accessed by anyone across the world. You may own your data, but ultimately the cloud provider is the decision-maker. In the public cloud, there is huge storage availability and varied types of data.

It is also extremely cost-efficient and does not require much maintenance. You can also pay only according to the storage you need, not as a whole package even if you don't need it. Instagram and Pinterest use public cloud services.

The disadvantages of the public cloud are keeping your storage and networking safe; you must always have a good internet connection. Security is one of the main disadvantages of public cloud computing. As anyone with a good internet connection can access your database or storage, it is not advisable to store private or confidential resources.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Open Connect are some of the most famous public clouds. Earlier, MS Access Cloud was the famous cloud service, but now, MS Access Cloud is not in use due to advanced and efficient cloud services.

Hybrid Cloud Computing: Private Cloud – Uses, and Disadvantages

Private Cloud is created by an individual company or enterprise solely for their business and purpose. Any data stored within the database is accessible only to a limited number of people allowed by the cloud provider.

Security is the strong forte of the private cloud. The firewall acts as a constraint to the public and safeguards the storage and database. The infrastructure of this particular type of cloud is made, especially for the users' business, so it will be efficient and easy to use.

A private cloud's disadvantages are that it is expensive, and there will be limitations in storage. When the storage limit exceeds, you cannot store any more data. Companies like Dell, IBM, and Oracle use private cloud computing.

Why Should You Use Hybrid Cloud Computing?
Hybrid cloud computing acts as the best of both worlds using public and private clouds. Some of the advantages of using a hybrid cloudare,

  1. Abundance of storage
  2. High level of security
  3. Can be customizable upon the decision
  4. Open to innovations and applications
  5. Extremely cost-efficient

Hybrid cloud computing has been proved as an effective way of networking and storage, and the market for it has been skyrocketing. In 2024, the estimated value of hybrid cloud infrastructure will be in trillions.

Companies like Google, Netflix, Amazon use hybrid cloud and are thriving in their business. Hybrid cloud computing is used in search engines and streaming websites, e-commerce, banking, finance, educational platforms, and healthcare.

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