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Facebook Ads and the Power of a Good Copy

Facebook Ads and the Power of a Good Copy

10/24/2022 4:21:38 PM

Almost 3 billion people around the planet actively use Facebook daily. This should be reason enough why you should run Facebook ads to market your business online.

No doubt, Facebook's ad targeting is effective at reaching the right demographic for your product and service. You can get as specific as age ranges, locations, and interests. For example, if you want to target 30-year-old females living in Utah who have an interest in crocheting, you can do so.

But before you think of putting aside a budget for running ads on Facebook, you must start by making a good copy that will further increase your chances of converting Facebook users to business customers. Here is how.

Be clear with who you target

Your sales funnel must be clear to me when you start to advertise. Remember that persuasive communication evolves around the target. Which customers are you targeting with a specific Facebook ad that you are making?

If you target people at the top of the sales funnel, those who do not know the benefits of your business yet, will not be enticed with a copy that sells them the product already. It’s a mismatch. Instead, it must focus on introducing what the product or service is all about.

Use storytelling

Even before Facebook was invented, storytelling had long been a proven tool to persuade, sell, and advertise. What it does is make the audience relate to a situation, a problem, a need, or a desire.

For example, in an ad copy, get the audience’s attention with a short anecdote of a relatable scenario. If you sell teeth cleaning products, you can start with a line that goes like, “Are you still stopping yourself from smiling because of your stained teeth?” A line like this will resonate immediately with the right audience, people who need teeth-cleaning products. Then proceed by using empathy, and letting them know you understand what they feel. Finally, offer a solution. Showcase what your product can do and how positively it’s going to affect their smile and their social interactions.

Keep it short

Every new generation comes with a shorter attention span than the one they followed. It makes sense to keep copies short and punchy. If you can’t deliver your ad in a few words or lines, scratch it, and make a new one.

People on the internet depend a lot on visuals. They see a block of text, they tend to scroll down as fast as they can. The effective use of white space will help you catch your audience’s attention.

Add a call-to-action

A call-to-action (CTA) gives the reader an idea about what they can do next after learning a piece of information. Facebook allows you to customize buttons for CTAs.

Finally, when your copy is ready, utilize the features of Facebook such as A/B Testing where you can run a set of two ads and Facebook will publish the one that gets more reactions and engagements.

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