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GOOGLE DATA STUDIO: How it can Benefit Small and Medium Scale Business

GOOGLE DATA STUDIO: How it can Benefit Small and Medium Scale Business

9/11/2020 5:44:35 AM

GOOGLE DATA STUDIO: How it can Benefit Small and Medium Scale Business

Data is an integral part of every business. It’s the driving force for the ‘tech-sphere’ in which we are inevitably getting entangled in with each passing day. From organizations making critical decisions regarding their future to consumers making everyday choices, data has become a clear differentiator governing the majority of choices. 

Business owners come across huge piles of data on a daily basis and are facing trouble making sense out of it all. These days they need powerful solutions to do proper analysis, generate reports, and gain actionable insights to make wiser decisions. And Google Data Studio is the ultimate tool for the same.

Whether you’ve just started running a new business or have been in the industry for a very long time, this tool can be of immense help in managing data efficiently. 

What is Google Data Studio? 

Also known as Data Studio, Google Data Studio is a reporting tool that helps to process raw data into shareable media. It enables a deeper analysis of important information to identify the crucial areas of improvement.

With this tool you can get everything you need to turn your client's analytics data into informational, easy-to-understand reports through data visualization. Plus, the reports are easy to read, easy to share, and even customizable to each of your clients.

Business Benefits of Google Data Studio

Data Studio can be highly beneficial for your business, and it has a myriad of benefits including the following.

Efficient and Easily Customizable

Gone are the days when you had to go to several sources to compile data in one place, and then analyze it to make effective reports. Now, the process has been simplified and is no more time-consuming with Data Studio. 

Data Studio Google allows you to connect your data from 17 Google applications and 128 third-party partners who offer direct connectors. By merging all this data in one dashboard, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights into your finances, operations, and marketing campaigns seamlessly. 

Create Dynamic Reports

Though you can make edits with your team in real-time, you can also allow Google Data Studio Connectors to pull real-time data into your reports as well. The reports can be set to update and fill your widgets with in-the-moment data automatically too.

Moreover, if you want a few widgets to display current information, that can be done too, but you can also keep some data set to last month as well. The dynamic report gives you unlimited data options to make your business better. 

Use Great Templates

If you’re not a pro in Google Analytics or reporting and think Google Data Studio can be complex, then do not worry at all. 

It has a variety of templates that can be used to create detailed reports and explain everything clearly. The tool comes preloaded with templates for Google Analytics, YouTube, Google Ads, plus many more. It even comes with templates for specific industries, like e-commerce. 

And, if you’re still stressing about converting raw data into brandable reports, the experts at YittBox are always there for you. 

Share and Collaborate With Ease

Managing your team efficiently on Google Data Studio is as straightforward as using Google Docs. For sharing reports with colleagues, all you have to do is send your coworkers a link and give them permission to comment and edit the information. 

Also, there’s no need to install local software on your systems. Data Studio is completely cloud-based, which means authorized users can access your reports from any approved browser.

Summing Up

Overall, Data Studio will enhance the working of your organization because you’ll be able to make the most out of the great volumes of data, manage it properly, and make improvements where required. 

If you want to enjoy the endless perks of Google Data Studio and want your business to grow, then get in touch with us today. 

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