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Growth Hacking Facebook Strategies

Growth Hacking Facebook Strategies

12/26/2021 11:56:12 AM

Today, we discuss growth hacking Facebook strategies. Facebook is usually known as a social media platform. A robust platform for social networking. But amazingly, Facebook has also become a platform for business activities. Facebook ads campaign give Million of earnings to the pocket of Facebook. Facebook earned $28.07 billion in the last quarter of 2020. Along with paid advertisement, People also enhance their businesses through organic traffic. We have seen many businesses whose sales are only generated through Facebook.

Importance of Facebook: Business Point of View

  1. Postings of updates in the form of images and videos

  2. Customer support

  3. Promotional activities

  4. Brand awareness

  5. Engage with existing and potential Customers

  6. Divert traffic to website

  7. Direct buying and selling

Growth Hacking Facebook Strategies

Following are the growth hacking facebook strategies:

1. Facebook Groups Sharing Growth Strategy:

Facebook groups have a considerable number of users actively participating in the discussions. In other words, Facebook groups are home to a massive number of active users daily who are highly engaged in specific discussion topics. Many people who utilize Facebook to bring social traffic to their sites aren't considering using Facebook groups to increase their following.

Consider Facebook groups as small groups composed of people interested in a particular area and have the same reason. There's a lot of value within them and, if you use them correctly, you can bring particular traffic to your site.

2. Create Your own Facebook Group

You can also create your community by creating a Facebook group. It allows you to be in total control of the information shared within the group and the level of quality of the members in the group. You will need to know the in-depth details of your niche. After that, you will need to do the following:

  • Select the name
  • Create the rules
  • Monitoring the posts
  • Approve the relevant members
  • Strict check and balance on the activities of the group
  • Promotion of group in other groups

Your group will help you get engagement, leads, and brand awareness. If you want members for an only specific geography, it will take time and more struggle. Your group is one of the best growth hacking Facebook strategies.

3. Facebook Ads Campaign

Facebook Ads Campaign is another way to get traffic and business expansion. It is not organic traffic but paid traffic. You will have to spend money and get potential clients. These potential customers have a huge chance to become your actual customers. The conversion rate is very high in ads campaigns. Following is the process of Facebook ads campaigns.

You will only select the campaign options like geography, gender, age, etc. The other whole process will be done by Facebook artificial intelligence.

Facebook shows these ads to the relevant audience. You only need to put your eyes on the campaign.

Following are the benefits of Facebook ads campaign:

  • Micro-targeting audience
  • Comprehensive ads types
  • Highest ROAS through ads
  • Affordable and low cost
  • Speedy results
  • A/B ads testing
  • Forecasting and performance estimates
  • No geographical limitations

Facebook ads campaign is one the fastest result-given growth hacking Facebook strategies.

4. Link Facebook Page with other Platforms

You should link your Facebook page with your other social media channels like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, and your website. The benefit of these links ultimately results in link building and making a good impression on your Facebook audience. Diversion of audience from one platform to other is also helpful for you.

5. Add Reviews & Feedback

Trust is the critical factor for business transactions. In other words, trust contributes to customer value. You can win the trust of your audience by adding a review on your Facebook page. You, as of now, know audits boost validity, belief, and deals. In truth, agreeing to Shinning Nearby, 81% of customers believe online surveys as much as individual suggestions, and buyers perused a normal of 6 audits, sometimes recently trusting a trade. The significance of audits doesn’t halt there. They also increment your page’s chances of showing up in look comes on Google and Facebook. To begin prioritizing audits, since, accept it or not, they’re not difficult to induce. The same consider by Shinning Nearby uncovered that 68% of shoppers will deliver a nearby trade audit when asked. Winning the trust is one of the growth hacking Facebook strategies.

6. Frequently Facebook Postings

Online appearances always need to continue interaction with your audience. New ideas, “the creative one,” eye-catching images and videos, and desired content must add to your posts. You will have to do frequent Facebook postings. People like it and if you don’t do this, remember you have many competitors that are always in a hurry to take your place in the market.

Timing is the most crucial factor in your postings. What if you post when your significant targeted audience is offline? So, you must post when your audience is online, and you have a lot of active users in your audience. Suppose you live in Asia, but your targeted audience is in the USA, then you will post according to them.

7. Publish More Videos on Facebook

The overarching advantage of Facebook videos is that marketers can deliver more information in a minimal time. It makes them an effective elective to web journal posts and makes strides in their availability and reaches. Videos are, moreover, extraordinarily flexible and can run from speedy, trending challenges that boost engagement to instructive live instructional exercises that will improve brand mindfulness and item recognition.

According to research, 59.3% of people think video is always more engaging than pictures. 2x increase in clicks and increase 20 to 30% in conversion rates. So, publish more videos on your Facebook page to reach more audiences.

8. Go Live on Facebook

Images are more engaging than text, videos are more engaging than images, and live videos are always above them. People watch live videos 3x more than usual videos and do 10x commenting on these live videos.

Facebook live videos can genuinely get you to enhance your targeted audience engagement, appear creativity, openness, and construct a more grounded client base. So, live videos are major growth hacking Facebook strategies.

Growth Hacking Facebook Strategies: The Conclusion

Facebook is the biggest social media platform. Facebook has 2.89 Billion active users. You cannot ignore Facebook anymore. You will have to create the plan, put effort and time into implementing it. If you have no business page on Facebook, then create it immediately and benefit your business by implementing the growth hacking Facebook strategies.

Please share your thoughts with us. Your thoughts are highly appreciated for YittBox.

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