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How do you write better marketing emails?

How do you write better marketing emails?

3/4/2023 8:39:32 AM

Contrary to what most people outside of the marketing bubble think, emails work in selling, informing, and catching the attention of customers. In a world completely enamored by social media, emails still work. How? Well, it takes a bunch of solid practices to end up in people's primary email inboxes and not be tagged as spam. Wanna know how? Read on.

Make eye-catching, finger-stopping subject lines

Most of the time, emails appear in the notifications tab of people’s phones, and it’s so easy to wipe them out with a tap. Plus, people get hundreds of emails per day, and they don’t bother to open them thinking it’s just another sales ad.

Only the subject lines of your emails will appear in notification bubbles, so you have one goal: make it controversial or eye-catching enough that people want to open the message. A great copywriter knows just how to do this.

The ideal length of a subject line is only 5 words, otherwise, the excess words get cut off in the notification display. A good practice is to use brackets and parentheses to get the point across better. For example, instead of saying “Get 50% off on our items this Black Friday,” say “[50% OFF] Black Friday Offer.” Both say the same thing but the latter does it more effectively in fewer words.

Ride trends. Make controversial statements. Use reverse psychology. Intrigue people.

Don’t write blog posts

The goal of email marketing is to pique people’s attention and sell them something. It’s rare for the objective to be informative, hence, you don’t need to write lengthy blog-post-like emails in the body.

Make use of spaces, don’t be afraid of them. Huge blocks of text turn people off and there is a high chance they will exit upon seeing how much they have to read. Spaces create an illusion that the text is more readable.

Use emojis to convey your ideas and italics and bold to emphasize.

Monitor your metrics

Email marketing software solutions abound, it’s your choice of what features are important in your campaigns. However, if you’re going to focus on just one, focus on the feature that lets you closely monitor your campaigns' performance.

Email campaign metrics will tell you what to stop doing, what to repeat, and what to improve. This feature lets you see the percentage of people in your email list that actually open the message as well as the percentage that opens the links contained within the message.

Avoid spam words

Finally, good email content is worthless if it ends up in the spam folder or in the promotions tab. Your target is to end up in the primary inboxes of your receivers. To do so, it is important to avoid what email providers consider spam words. It differs based on the provider (e.g. Gmail, Outlook) and the list is updated every year.

Final thoughts

A killer copy and fool-proof strategy are what make email campaigns successful. Finally, lots of practice with the help of email campaign metrics.

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