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How Micron Used Microsoft Azure Stack HCI To Achieve High Performance?

How Micron Used Microsoft Azure Stack HCI To Achieve High Performance?

11/24/2020 6:12:52 AM

How Micron Used Microsoft Azure Stack HCI To Achieve High Performance?

What is Microsoft Azure Stack HCI? For any successful operation of a business, your storage infrastructure must have the best performance, flexibility, and density. To achieve higher performance, Micron Accelerated Solution used the Microsoft Azure Stack HCI solution.

Recently, Microsoft released Azure Stack HCI, a hyper-converged solution where virtualized IT infrastructure and workloads run through substantial hardware in an on-premises environment. Like other IT service providers, the Azure service aims to update your storage infrastructure with the latest features, security, and performance.

Now, most businesses are moving towards virtualized IT infrastructure. The business enjoys benefits through cloud-centric management and server consolidation. Hence, you receive better scalability and minimum operating costs for your business applications.

Why Microsoft Azure Stack HCI?

Microsoft aims to resolve the issues by providing customers with the best technology to meet their business requirements. If you are from complex IT backgrounds, your requirement for hyper converged infrastructure is carried out by Azure Stack HCI.

Microsoft azure stack security and compliance allow you to benefit from the cloud and most on-premises resources to secure, monitor, and back up your data to the cloud.

Let us look at the benefits of using Azure Stack HCI with Micron:
It offers an advantage to customers who are familiar with the Hyper-V and other IT service providers. They can leverage Micron's high-performance DRAM and SSDs to enable high performance upgrades for Storage Space Direct or Azure stack HCI.

Microsoft does not involve complex servers to complicate the process. Instead, it uses x86 standard servers, which are easily available from different IT service providers at multiple price ranges.

The reference architecture will provide you with the best possible solution for your infrastructure and attach your performance analysis. This enables you to manage the size of your deployment.

Azure Stack HCI can work on a wide variety of workloads and applications. The Microsoft solutions can be used as a separate hyper converged or converged configuration to meet your business requirements.

Micron provides you with reference architectures that offer converged and hyperconverged solutions. You have the flexibility to choose the server and Micron SSDs as per the requirements of the performance.

Fault Tolerance
Microsoft Azure security and compliance keep the data and apps secure with network micro-segmentation and shielded virtual machines. It makes copies of the data within the cluster with the help of scalable software-defined storage (SDS).

If your server or a component fails, Storage Spaces Direct will continue to provide data services to the present application till the time the server is recovered.

Just like any other reference architecture document, Micron uses a Storage Spaces Direct solution or fault-tolerant 4-node Azure Stack HCI. They can scale about sixteen nodes per Storage Spaces Direct cluster. That means it can generate a wide range of IOPS that can fulfill any type of application requirement.

What Do Azure Stack HCI Solutions Combined with Micron Deliver?
When combined with Azure Stack HCI solutions, Micron can build a high-performance infrastructure to use either as a hybrid or private cloud component of your data center strategy.

A key element of Microsoft Azure Stack HCI is the software-defined storage solutions that support both non-virtualized and virtualized storage deployment.
Prescriptive and optimized guidance, along with performance analysis, allows you to deploy and design your HCI.

Even if you need to deploy a thousand virtualized IT infrastructure, Microsoft Hyper-V provides you with flexible and cost-effective virtualization service. It comes with an advanced data center that meets all your requirements.

Final Thoughts
Micron, along with Microsoft Azure stack HCI, can offer you considerable advantages in terms of high performance, scalability, and good user experience. The primary focus of Azure Stack HCI is to provide a virtualized IT infrastructure for hosting VMs (virtual servers) to balance the availability of storage and network.

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