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How to Grow a LinkedIn Business Page

How to Grow a LinkedIn Business Page

1/7/2022 2:23:26 PM

How do you grow a LinkedIn business page? Here we answer this question and tell you the tips to expand your LinkedIn business page. As we know, LinkedIn is famous for professional networking, career opportunities, and career development. Job seekers post their CV and employers put job posts on LinkedIn. The majority of companies have been using LinkedIn for their brand awareness and recruitment.

Why should you increase your LinkedIn Business Account?

LinkedIn was launched in 2003. 740 million users are active on LinkedIn. The revenue of LinkedIn in 2021 was $10 Billion. As many users know, LinkedIn is built like a social media site similar to Facebook. However, LinkedIn is primarily utilized for professional purposes. It is a platform you can use to show your abilities, knowledge, education, experiences, and other information. If you have a business page on LinkedIn, you can quickly sell your services on LinkedIn. 

Tips for How to Grow a Linked Business Page

Following are the tips for growing a LinkedIn business account.

1. Complete all details of the LinkedIn Business Page:

Before you begin putting together strategies to increase your following, it's essential to ensure that your LinkedIn page is ready to go. Pages with all sections finished receive 30% more views and are more likely to convert these viewers into loyal followers. The more relevant the content posted on your page is, the more likely it is that people will be inclined to keep connected to your company.

So, ensure that your LinkedIn Business Page has the following seven things filled in fully:

  • Brand Logo
  • Description of the company
  • Type of business
  • The size of the company
  • Industry
  • Location
  • URL of the website

To finish your profile information, visit the Business Page on LinkedIn and select "Overview". After that, you go to your company's profile page, where you'll have the ability to edit every detail of your company.

2. Share Your Page:

After you've created the LinkedIn profile with all of the pertinent information - your qualifications and experience in addition to your interests, skills, and much more - it's now time to make sure you share your profile with others who may be interested in viewing it.

There are some steps to share your page:

  • Post on your company page as a link.
  • Share this on your company page as a photo + link.
  • Share the link on your company page as a text with a link.
  • Share the link on your company page as a video with a link.
  • Post on your profile.
  • You can share your profile from your company page.
  • You can share your profile on Facebook as an article.
  • You can share your profile on the internet as an advertisement.
  • Join your groups as a link post.
  • Join your groups by putting a link in a comment.
  • Create a live account on your profile or page.
  • You can message your contacts.
  • Message targeted audiences.

3. Regularly Post Content on Your Page:

It may appear simple, but you'd be shocked to discover that very few adhere to this rule for growth. It is recommended to post every week at least once to keep your audience active (we publish every day). It is also possible to set up an appointment to make sure you post regularly to your Business Page.

We as a company post regularly, and we noticed that what has worked most effectively for us is posting slides on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, posting testimonials on Wednesday, and posting videos and articles from the industry on Saturdays.

Therefore, try different strategies. Find out what works best for you, and keep it up.

4. Add the LinkedIn Button to Your Website:

Include social media icons in the footer or header of your newsletter or website so that people can locate your LinkedIn page. The addition of a LinkedIn Share button on your site is an excellent way to share your location with an expert audience!

The LinkedIn developers are making it easy to design a custom share button. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the LinkedIn Share plugin to create it.
  2. Make your button customizable as you need it.
  3. Take a copy of the HTML code that is provided.
  4. In your site builder, navigate to widgets.
  5. Choose the most popular in the drop-down menu.
  6. Drop a drag-and-drop HTML widget onto your webpage.
  7. Copy the code into the HTML Editor.
  8. Select "Save".

Be aware that although the code might be working now, we can't ensure that it will function in the future. The regulations may become outdated and conflict with the improvements designed to provide you with the most efficient site builder possible.

5. Use Video and Visual Content:

It is crucial to create visually appealing content on social media, that cannot be overemphasized.

A strong visual presence on social media has similar effects. It provides people with an incentive to like, follow or comment and ultimately purchase.

Need more proof?

Visuals are more likely to leave more impressions as well. We're significantly more likely to recall information if it's images.

Include visuals in your strategy for social media:

  • Research on the audience
  • Create an e-board for mood
  • Themes
  • Platform
  • Timing

Other points to use audio and visual content:

  • Know the copyright of images
  • Images should be sized to correct specifications
  • Use your words with care
  • Incorporate your logo where it is appropriate
  • Be aware of the representation
  • Make a small animation
  • Include alt-text descriptions
  • Optimize your SEO
  • Find ways to be creative

6. Post at the Right Time:

It's essential to update regularly to grow your following on LinkedIn. LinkedIn says that brands that regularly post every month get followers six times faster than brands that do not. Posting regularly, companies get twice the engagement. Brands that periodically post daily can gain more followers.

The most effective time to post on LinkedIn will be 8:30 AM on Wednesdays and Tuesdays. Hootsuite's team of social experts found similar results when looking at their posting statistics. The ideal time to make posts on LinkedIn is on weekdays between 8 and 11 AM PST.

  • Take a look at suggestions for content on the content tab on your LinkedIn page dashboard. 
  • Sort by industry, audience locations, industry, and more to find the most popular articles you can use to start conversations.
  • It would be remiss of us not to say that making your posts scheduled in advance using Hootsuite will help you save lots of time and ensure your posts are posted at optimal times each day. 
  • The bulk composer allows you to prepare many positions at one time. 
  • Don't fret if you have to change your schedule. It's as easy as drag and drop.

If one post appears to be performing exceptionally well, you could be paid to make it more visible to users as " Sponsored Content".

7. Engage your Colleagues and Employees:

The most influential group who can assist you with marketing on LinkedIn is your employees and co-workers. When they are enabled, they can enhance your LinkedIn content and increase the Company Page's popularity on LinkedIn.

Let them assist you! Here's how you can engage your employees and colleagues to get involved:

  • Explain the benefits to employees and the company
  • Create an online media policy
  • Train users on improving their LinkedIn profiles
  • Configure the employee notifications feature to your LinkedIn company page
  • LinkedIn teammates feature
  • Invite employees to contribute content on your LinkedIn page for your business
  • Make it easy to share content
  • Email newsletters with content
  • Send content to employees using an employee communication tool
  • Facilitate them to join in

8. Get Help from Customers and Brand Advocates:

People generally look for good reviews of a brand and the products it offers. Quality and price are crucial, but it's essential to find out what customers and those close to the company are saying.

Brand advocates are those are familiar with and promoting the brand. They are loyal consumers, employees, customers, and business associates.

Here are some tips to get help from customers and brand advocates:

  • Find your advocates
  • Give fantastic customer service
  • Request feedback
  • Keep their name in mind
  • Drive repeat purchases
  • Offer a loyalty program
  • Enhance your loyalty program through artificial technology
  • Provide a referral program
  • Provide personalized service
  • Distribute free t-shirts.
  • Write thank-you notes.
  • Keep your customers in the loop.
  • Be prepared for special occasions.
  • Be upfront and honest with your customers.
  • Request (and use) user testimonials.

9. Promote your Page on Other Platforms

LinkedIn is a well-known platform for connecting professionals from all over the world. Many people think of it as getting new jobs or advancing an individual's career. However, LinkedIn is also an excellent platform to expand the reach of your network of different companies. Digital creatives, freelancers, professionals, and companies that are just starting out and even performers can use LinkedIn to advertise their services to a distinct target market than different social media platforms. The trick is to use the right approach when utilizing it. Here are ten ways to get more followers on LinkedIn:

  1. Create a company profile.
  2. Your business should be highlighted on your profile.
  3. Keep up to date.
  4. Make use of great images.
  5. Create an organization.
  6. Join other groups.
  7. Bring employees and partners on the board.
  8. Exercise strong writing skills.
  9. Interact.
  10. Make sure to take LinkedIn seriously.

How to Grow LinkedIn Business Page: Conclusion

YittBox published previous blogs on how to grow your Facebook & Twitter accounts. Today, we have tried our best to guide you through growing a LinkedIn business page. Social media appearance is very important from a business point of view. It helps with brand awareness and increase of sales of your products and services. LinkedIn is famous for its services, job opportunities and career development. But you can use LinkedIn for your brand awareness in the case of products too. The most important benefit of LinkedIn is lead generation. We hope that you can grow your LinkedIn business account by using this information.

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