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How to maximize Google Drive for productivity

How to maximize Google Drive for productivity

11/7/2022 2:41:51 PM

Google has become a powerhouse of productivity over the years. Google Drive, in particular, was one of the first game changers in storage and collaboration for students and those in the workforce. When it was launched, everybody was hooked on the new cloud technology in 2012. 10 years later, it has developed more helpful features, probably multiplying its power by ten times, which is a rough estimate. Below are some ways you can maximize the power of Google Drive.

Enable offline work

Sometimes, your internet connection could be better. You may be in the middle of accomplishing a document and your wi-fi disconnects. Or maybe you are on a flight and have a report to finish, but plane wi-fi is gold. One helpful feature in these situations is the offline feature of Google Drive where you can work on files even offline.

You can enable your Google Docs Editor on the G Suite admin to enjoy this. You may also use the Google Chrome browser so long as offline work is enabled. This feature is also available for mobile versions of Drive.

Use ‘Save to Google Drive Extension’

If you work a lot with images, it’s a hassle to download them to your PC and then upload them to your Google Drive. You can bypass the process by downloading a browser extension called ‘Save to Google Drive’. Saving is as easy as selecting the save option when you right-click on an image.

You can also save links to articles using this extension by doing the same process.

Attach documents to meeting links

If you need your teammates or classmates to read documents and review files before meeting with them online, you can do this easily with Google Hangouts and Drive. When sending calendar invites for the meeting, simply pre-load the attachments from your Google Drive.

Drive is also integrated within Hangouts, so you and your teammates can collaborate on files and presentations while the meeting is ongoing. It’s like you’re not far apart from each other.

Take advantage of add-ons

G Suite has a ton of add-ons available to you to enhance your Drive experience. Some of the best add-ons you can try are the following:

      PandaDoc for easily attaching digital signatures

      Thesaurus for replacing repetitive and boring words

       Consistency Checker for when you work on a file that uses, for example, another variation of the English language to make sure the spelling of words is consistent

Sending large files via Gmail

Gmail’s allowance for file size is a measly 25MB. You will need more than that often. Simply click on the Google Drive icon at the bottom of the email you are composing. This will let you select files directly from your Google Drive. The limit for file attachments from Google Drive is 15GB–a leap from the usual limit.

Final thoughts

Google Drive has transformed into a productivity and collaboration powerhouse. The above examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Explore more features as you work with Drive and work more efficiently than ever.

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