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How to Utilize Instagram for Business

How to Utilize Instagram for Business

10/17/2022 4:54:13 PM

Can you use Instagram for business? Of course, you can! Every social media giant right now is equipped with features and tools to help business owners promote their products or services. Some even double as an actual e-commerce sites. Instagram is no exception.

Why Instagram?

Clearly, Instagram has gone from a photo and video-sharing platform to a well-rounded entertainment and marketing tool. And the main reason why business owners should not sleep on Instagram’s ability to be an effective marketing tool lies in numbers. The platform has 1 billion active users as of 2022. The largest demographic of users is shared by young adults between the ages of 18 to 24. Adults from ages 25 to 34 also have a fair share of Instagram traffic.

Reports also found that the engagement rate is better on Instagram than on Facebook or Twitter. On Instagram, the numbers dance around 4% in engagement with followers. This is a feat hard to achieve on the other two platforms with only a 0.1% engagement rate.

A dedicated business profile on Instagram gives you access to page insights about how your followers engage with the content you put out as well as other benchmarks for content performance.

If you are new to this, you have no reason to not create an Instagram business profile right now which is the very first stop to effective IG marketing. 

Set up a business profile

If you have a personal Instagram that already has a considerable following, you can simply convert it to a business account. Simply go to your account settings and tap on “Switch to Business Account.”

This single step will convert your personal profile into a business page.

Make your feed visually appealing

Instagram is all about aesthetics. Make sure to dedicate time curating a decent-looking feed. Remember that marketing on Instagram means you are targeting the younger generations, those who are used to high-quality and appealing pictures and videos.

Most times, it takes a single captivating photo to take a user to your profile so they will browse your other pictures and content.

Make use of all features

Other than the posts you make on your feed, don’t sleep on Instagram Stories and Reels. You may have to use a different tone with your posts, stories, and reels. Feed posts can be formal while stories can be more casual and playful. Reels captions can be simply descriptive.

Language is an important tool to connect to your target audience. You will find that there is a lot of millennial and zoomers jargon. It would help to pay attention and put in the extra effort to curate your business’ brand voice.

The Instagram algorithm shows reels even to non-followers so make sure you get the most out of this added perk.

Pay attention to your bio

Your page bio must reflect important things you want potential customers to learn about your business, but make sure it’s not dragging, wordy, and boring.

Describe your business creatively in a way that will intrigue potential buyers. Add the link to your website so interested users can easily navigate.

Study your page insights

Finally, monitor your page insights. Track what kinds of stories or posts users interact with the most. Make experiments to see what works best.


Instagram is free. This is already a big pro, given the amount of audience you can tap into if you play your cards right. It will take time, but you will eventually get the hang of Instagram marketing.

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