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9/8/2020 1:00:56 AM


Microsoft Excel is one of the most commonly used MS Office software. From renowned MNCs to businesses to offices, and more, Excel offers a great set of solutions for almost every type of organization.

We all know Microsoft Excel is a wonderful spreadsheet software in which you can add and organize data in an efficient manner, create graphs, perform advanced calculations, and take advantage of other fantastic Microsoft excel solutions that are easy to use.

But did you know that Excel can be utilized for more than just spreadsheets?

Microsoft Excel is feature-packed and can work as an amazing reporting tool too. It is an ultimate program that allows you to create useful and informational reports that include basic charts and tables, pivot tables, printing the report, etc.

An Excellent Reporting Template Tool: What is MS Excel Reporting Tool

Designed to create reports easily, MS Excel Reporting Tools are advanced spreadsheet programs, and the interface is like Excel. Its operation is similar where you can explore, display, sort, and share datasheets.

Also, the way to name the cell, set cell attributes, editing the cell is the same as Excel. You can effortlessly make reports and edit them with the basic knowledge of this superb software.

Steps to Create Reports From the Excel Reporting Tools

Reports with Excel-based reporting tools can be created by following these simple steps.

Step #1 - Combine data from various databases

Mainstream databases are supported by Excel reporting tools, and just by a few clicks, you can import the required information in one place. Now, the data collected from different databases can be combined and a detailed report can be created.

Step #2 - Customize the reports

The Microsoft Excel reporting tools provide an extensive range of built-in templates. All you have to do is bind the data column to the cell. Also, you have an alternative to customize your reports by dragging the widgets.

Step #3 - Publish and share

Now, that your reports have been created, and designed in a perfect way, you can preview them in the web browser. Plus, to share the reports, you can export them to Excel, PNG, PDF, etc.

Reasons To Use Excel Reporting Tool

Here are the top 4 reasons why Microsoft Excel is an ideal reporting tool.

Easy and Quick

MS Excel reporting program has an easy-to-use interface. A group of commands and features are clearly displayed on the ribbon which makes it simple to perform any task quickly and seamlessly. ‍The comprehensive set of tools and the drop-down galleries provides its users with easy access.

Present Infinite Data

Small or large, Excel can handle every type of report. It supports up to 1 million rows and 16 thousand columns per worksheet. Moreover, you can make use of an unlimited number of formatting and customizing options in the same workbook, and the number of cell references per cell is limited only by available memory.

Several Features and Tools

Microsoft Excel solutions offer a great range of functions such as sum, average, arranging in order, and so on. You can take full advantage of the features and tools in your report and create impressive designs. For instance, intelligent reference expansion allows the report to expand for as many rows as required, based on the data being imported from your data source, without you needing to know in advance how many rows to include.

Outstanding Report Output Flexibility

Microsoft Excel is a brilliant report design tool and has a flexible report output format. From customized charts to removing sensitive information while sharing with other teams to distributing the report as you like, and more, it provides a lot of options. Also, you have the freedom to share the report in Excel doc., HTML, PDF format, etc.


With this wonderful tool, you won't have to struggle with creating valuable reports anymore. If your business requires the Excel Reporting Tool, feel free to get in touch with our experts at YittBox today! We offer a wide range of Microsoft Excel solutions and can help you boost your organization’s growth.

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