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Top 20 Shopify Plugins

Top 20 Shopify Plugins

5/6/2022 1:32:54 PM

Shopify is a straightforward way to create an online store. Over 100,000 merchants are using this software to manage their websites. They handle everything from payments and marketing to secure checkouts and shipping. Once you've got your Shopify store set up, there are many ways to upgrade and improve your site which helps maximize the platform's value.

Top 20 Shopify Plugins

The Shopify App Store offers a vast selection of premium and free plugins that can help you expand your business. The number of available plugins is vast and it might be a little confusing, but don't worry; we're here to assist you.

The following recommended Shopify plugins can help you improve customer engagement, increase sales, and revenues.

1. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM includes everything you require to manage and track your customers and leads. The most appealing aspect is that it's completely free. The HubSpot Shopify app syncs your online store's data to HubSpot and makes use of it to tailor the marketing strategies you run and automate them. HubSpot allows you to up your sales and marketing strategies by sending emails to users who have abandoned their carts on your website, so you can encourage them to make the purchase.

HubSpot CRM records all of your interactions with customers. All the data associated with it is stored automatically in the form of a neat timeline. It helps you to adapt your approach when making contact with prospects.

2. Nudgify

Nudgify provides useful notifications, known as "Nudges," to important pages on your site. The Nudges can create effects such as social proof or FOMO which helps boost the Store’s sales rates. Using live data, such as the status of your inventory and recently sold products, Nudgify engages your customers by providing them with live information that brings even your most inactive stores to life.

3. Plugin SEO

Another essential aspect of e-commerce success is keeping the search engine's visibility. “Seventy-five-percent of people don't scroll past the first page in the SERPs," while 35 percent of clicks from organic sources go to the top three results. It's crucial to ensure that your online store is at the top of the list. One of the top Shopify plugins to help in this regard is Add SEO.

It assists you in figuring out easy ways to boost the visibility of your Shopify store and resolve any issues hindering your progress.

4. Sendinblue Shopify

The Sendinblue application for Shopify is entirely cost-free and doesn't require any programming skills to set up. It lets you look over a range of statistics about your email in the Shopify environment, segment your contacts' email addresses by their prior purchases, and so on. It's among the easiest methods to connect your leads and marketing strategies in an interconnected environment.

5. Infinite Options

Certain products require more customization or options than Shopify can accommodate in its familiar themes. Infinite Options is a Shopify plugin that lets you provide additional choices and customization to your pages and for your products. Additionally, it offers various ways to present the choices (such as checkboxes, radio buttons or inputs for numbers).

6. Brick and Click

Brick and Click is the largest and most well-known plugin in retail. It blends eCommerce with physical stores, offering customers the option of purchasing either online or in-person. Store Locator gives clearly-defined instructions (or map) to your physical store to help customers locate the closest store.

7. Trusted Site

One of the main reasons for abandoning a basket is the lack of trust in the site. A recent survey conducted by Baymard discovered that 19 percent of customers who left an online purchase had done it because they didn't trust the legitimacy of the site. Reducing your abandonment rate to almost 1/5 could mean an enormous rise in sales. 

The customers want to know they can browse your shop and buy items with confidence. After downloading the Trusted Site Shopify plugin, you will be issued an authentic certification badge that you can show. This badge will help your customers feel more secure, which will increase your sales.

8. One Click Social Login

The simpler it is for customers who are new to the store to sign up and create an account, will significantly increase the number of customers you'll have. One Click Social Login allows customers to create accounts with Shopify. Customers can create reports on Shopify shop by signing into their social media account credentials.

Accounts supported are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Amazon, Google +, Instagram,, Outlook, and Yahoo. It also comes with an admin panel that allows you to track the users who have registered with only one click.

9. Social Photos

Do you have a solid social media presence with images of customers using your products?

If yes, you can use the Social photos platform to showcase your pictures to potential buyers on the web and increase the visibility of your brand.

Social photos collect the most popular images of your products and customers from social networks such as Instagram and Facebook and then create an album on your online store through an online widget.

10. Edit order

Sometimes customers change their minds. They write the wrong address or select the wrong color and size. In the case for the Shopify store owner, this is a matter of locating and canceling an order, then re-creating a new one. The majority of stores won't allow customers to alter the order once it's been accepted.

This edit order plugin removes all the stress by permitting store owners to modify an order so long as it's not delivered. It allows you to alter delivery details, including billing address, shipping address, and the options for products. Offering your customers the opportunity to modify their order decreases the stress and increases the likelihood of buying an item in the first instance.

11. Pick Story

Due to the high cost associated with acquiring new customers, focusing on selling to customers who are already there is a good method to increase the revenue of your business quickly.

PickyStory will help increase the value of your orders by providing customized bundles of products and offers for your customers at crucial points while they browse through your online store. Select from a range of deals and add discounts, then move the widget on to your site pages. No coding knowledge is required.

12. Candy Rack

Candy Rack creates beautiful pop-ups with suggestions of items that your customers can include in their shopping carts. The program offers tips in response to your customer's preferences and utilizes an in-built AI algorithm. This way, someone who is looking to buy tech gadgets could receive a notification for a warranty, and a buyer seeking shoes could receive one for socks.


13. Bundle Upsell

Which are the most effective methods to boost the value of your order? Upsell, upsell, upsell. Upselling creates the possibility for customers to buy similar products to increase the number of sales. It's commonplace to upsell because it's proven and reliable.

This Shopify plugin lists products related to items already in the buyer's cart and encourages customers to purchase more. Bundle Upsell can also allow users to design custom bundles for all of your products with only a few clicks.

14. Simple Cost

This application monitors your business's total profits in real-time. It offers monthly reports that detail both the one-time expenses and your advertising budget. It allows you to market your products using Facebook and Google without having to worry about your finances. The benefit of a comprehensive analytics platform such as Simple Cost is the fact that it lets you see which of the products you sell is the most profitable (rather than only the most popular).


15. Yandex

Yandex can be described as a relatively new product available on Shopify. This plugin provides real-time traffic information and performance data as well as session replays. It means that you can find out what's happening in your Shopify store and when it's taking place.


16. EU Legislation

EU Legislation mandates that every website must ask its visitors for their permission to collect/gather cookies while they browse. This EU Cookie Bar Shopify Plugin offers a free opt-in option to assist businesses in complying with this requirement. It is helpful to focus on specific geographical areas.

17. Swell Loyalty & Rewards

The majority of online shoppers love loyalty and rewards programs. In fact, 58% of internet users worldwide cited earning rewards and loyalty points as one of the most valued aspects of the retail shopping experience." Therefore, offering these types of benefits on your online store is an easy and effective way to increase the number of initial purchases and the loyalty of your customers. Swell Loyalty and rewards is my top choice for the leading Shopify softwares.


18. Syncee

This plugin offers an easy way to manage your prices and products by integrating all your information about supply into one system. Syncee provides an in-app database that lists suppliers, it allows you to search for new items to include in your store. Additionally, it will enable you to add products to the data sources you have created, making it simpler to keep your inventory list updated.

19. Aftership

Gives your customers an option to track the products they purchase at your shop. When you allow your customers to track their purchases, you enhance the overall experience and increase the likelihood of them buying from you in the future. This plugin provides customers with an estimate of the time of delivery and sends out automatic notifications to customers when their order is delivered.

20. Stock sync

It helps you manage your inventory. If you have a store that sells items from multiple suppliers, you'll require this Shopify plugin to help you manage your list of suppliers. This plugin lets you establish pricing guidelines, connect various formats of data feeds and file formats, and manage all your vendors and suppliers.

Conclusion: Top 20 Shopify Plugins

These are the most effective Shopify extensions for the year 2022. It's time to bring your online store into the top tier by using most or all of the above mentioned plugins. A majority of them take only a few seconds to set up and can make a huge difference to your bottom line by increasing the number of signups and conversions.

These Shopify plugins come with various functions and features however they're all designed to boost sales. We realize that selecting the most suitable tools for the site might seem difficult without previous experience. Hopefully this list will help you make an informed decision and overall make the process of choosing the right options/tools more manageable.

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