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Top 5 Free Google Certifications for Upskilling in Digital Marketing

Top 5 Free Google Certifications for Upskilling in Digital Marketing

11/23/2022 4:13:09 AM

Due to the advent of the Internet, the world has welcomed a ton of job opportunities in tech, advertising, marketing, and design among many others. Digital marketing, in particular, has become a lucrative industry.  However, despite the plethora of job opportunities, the competition is tight. There is always a need to upskill and learn.

For those looking to break into the world of digital marketing, the Internet offers support, specifically Google. Google certifications are either paid or free online courses that can be taken up at one’s own pace. These certifications spice up any resume in the right field. The following are the top free Google courses to take for upskilling.

Digital Marketing Certification

Marketing has become one of the most difficult areas to master on the Internet. The elements that affect reach always change. The algorithm behind what ranks and shows up first on a search results page is practically a secret until now, save for the few hints that Google itself revealed.

Digital marketing courses from Google are a good source of knowledge on how to optimize search engines, use content, and website best practices. By the end of the course, one can expect to learn online business strategies, how to build an online presence, and more.

Ad Search Certification

Google ads are the counterpart of physical flyers and posters in the world of the Internet. Businesses spend thousands of dollars on making sure that their product and service ads show up in the most optimized spaces on the web.

Google’s ad search certification will help a student understand the fundamentals of advertising on Google and develop a strategy for increasing leads and sales.

Shopping Ads Certification

Google shopping ads allow businesses to display advertisements for their products and charge them based on the clicks the ads get. The course is helpful in understanding how to set up advertisement campaigns and increase conversion values. Google has dedicated channels and features for shopping ads like Smart Shopping and Google Merchant Center.

Analytics Individual Certification

This certification provides aspiring digital marketers with a thorough understanding of how the Google platform works. It is important for marketers to be able to analyze results and optimize them for businesses. Views, filters, campaign tracking, and goal tracking are essential elements of using Google Analytics. It’s essential for any business to understand how users interact with their website.

Ads Display Certification

The benefits of Google ads are in bringing brand awareness and maximizing the campaign budget of a business. The course will be helpful in understanding ways to maximize these benefits including knowledge of the types of ads that perform best on specific platforms.

All these courses are free and take a few hours to finish. An assessment is required after the course to get the certification. These certifications will certainly beef up the resume of anyone looking for a steady career in digital marketing be it as an ads specialist, a strategist, or a campaign manager.

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