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Top AI tools you can use for free

Top AI tools you can use for free

11/29/2022 2:14:38 PM

One of the good things about technology is that it breaks barriers whether it is in communication, business processes, or simple things that affect your productivity. And an even better thing is that many developers are generous enough to offer their creations for free. Take a look at this list of free AI tools that will help you live life a little easier.

Salvage old photos with Hotpot AI

Hotpot AI is a helpful tool for restoring old photos and working on digital graphics in general. Simply get a digital copy of your old photo and upload it to The tool can help you eliminate scratches, sharpen the image, and repair gaps. It’s as easy as checking the “has scratch” button and the AI will automatically generate a scratch-free version of your photo.

Scrape and monitor data from any website with Browse AI

There is an endless exchange of data on the Internet every day and’s job is to make data extraction and monitoring as easy as clicking a button. In as fast as two minutes, you can get a list of all your competitors on YouTube, find a person’s social media links, and monitors hotel listings, reviews, and prices among many things. The AI will summarize all data in a downloadable spreadsheet for you to use.

Split audio tracks with Lalal AI

There are times when all you need is the instrumental of a song but you can’t get your hands on any audio for it. splits the vocals and all tracks for each instrument in any audio or video. It promises to separate tracks without damaging the file’s quality. So whether it is just the guitar, the drums, or the piano track that you want to retain, it’s possible with just a few clicks.

Create images from scratch with Dall-E 2

Dall-E 2 is the reverse of image-to-text technology. It took years for developers to make software that creates a unique image based on a string of text prompts. When creating a prompt, be as specific as you can and the AI will generate an image based on your text prompt. It’s like stock photos but customized.

Make creative videos with Synthesia

In the age of virtual meetings, sometimes it gets hard to channel your creativity through the screen. If you are making a presentation and want something different, you can use Synthesia to generate an AI video with a virtual character to present on your behalf. Select an avatar, upload your script, and generate a video of a talking avatar. It saves you time because, well, there will be no stuttering and word fillers and no awkward angles, and bad lighting. Plus, it’s available in over 60 languages.

These are just some of the free AI tools you can add to your productivity arsenal. These will significantly cut time and resources on your part. Fortunately, generous developers exist. Thank them by promoting their services to people you know.


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