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Visualize Data With Google Data Studio

Visualize Data With Google Data Studio

1/16/2021 4:29:17 AM

Visualize Data With Google Data Studio

Google Suite, Docs, and Sheets have significantly impacted the way users see cloud services. While you might be well aware of these, there's a new addition to the list with the Google Data Studio.

This free tool creates stunning visuals out of data, which makes data interpretation easier yet creative. But what is this tool, and how can you use it? Read on to find out!

What makes visualization using Google Data Studio simpler?

Analytics is not an easy aspect to handle, and without an adequate skill-set, people fail to use it to its full potential. This is where Google Data Studio steps in to do the numerical story-telling for you without demanding much technical input.

It has built-in data handling functions and does not require the user to code or write SQL queries. So, even a user with a non-technical background can use, collaborate, and share it effortlessly.

Google Data Visualization Studio can instantaneously use raw data to create appealing and dynamic metrics. Like other Google services, you can manage authorization for formatting, calculations, commenting, editing, transformations, visualization, and report generation.

With an added drag and drop facility and vast customization flexibility, it offers a highly user-friendly interface.

How to start with Google Data Visualization Studio?

To start using Google Data Studio, you must analyze the data to be illustrated and the visuals desired. It mainly depends on the numerical story you aspire to present to the clients or the team.

Stating your needs and checking the options available makes it simpler to proceed further. Data Studio allows representation in the form of charts, graphs, shapes, images, etc. You can also create a geographical mapping, paginated data, pivot tables, interactive reports, content catalogs, libraries, annotations, etc., as required.

For fetching the data, Data Studio is compatible with a variety of tools like:

  1. Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Big Query, and Campaign Manager
  2. Services: Google Sheets, Google Search Console, and YouTube
  3. Social Media Applications: Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit
  4. Marketing Platforms: Google Analytics, Ads, Search Ads, 360, etc.
  5. Excel files with CSV extension.
  6. How to use Google Data Studio?

Once you have a basic outline, follow the steps below to create your report:

1. Log in and create a blank file

You can log in to Google Data Studio, like any Google cloud service, and create a blank file. Choose among the templates if they match your outline and proceed further. Here, in a single document, you can create multiple reports as well.

2. Connect the data source

To create a report, you must click the 'Create New Data Source' button present on the page's bottom right. Here, you can select your data source from the options stated earlier. For example, for Google Analytics, you must choose an Account>Property>View to fetch the data.

Next, you can click on ‘Connect’ and then use your data to make transformations, filtering, sorting, etc., to present it as desired.

3. Create the visuals

Once you have your data ready to be portrayed, you must select the type of visuals you require. You can choose among several graphs and chart types, styles, and options to design and build your metrics.

You will find appropriate options like adding dimensions for a bar chart to display multiple metrics. Google Data Studio also offers customization options to change the size, color, style of the texts, bars, grids, and other chart elements.

Also, you can convert one chart type into another as required.

4. Collaborating and Sharing

Like other Google services, you can also collaborate, authorize access to users, send edit invites, etc. To share the output, you can embed the report into the content you aim to present or just download it.

Final takeaways

Google Data Visualization Studio is a robust and highly effective tool that can be used to create stunning data visuals. Given the user-friendly interface and simplistic design, this tool can help build visually appealing yet resourceful reports effectively and effortlessly.

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Robert 2/16/2021 10:19:31 PM
Google Data Studio is free of charge data visualization tool. One can import data from Google Analytics and various other sources directly to Data Studio. One can also use Data Studio from any accessible web-connected device like Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet.

 Robert Miler
 Technical SEO Consultant
Yash 3/28/2021 7:04:49 AM
Thanks for sharing useful information about Google Data Studio!
Salman Kaludi 3/28/2021 7:05:38 AM
Yes, very useful information.
Martin 4/7/2021 4:40:17 AM
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