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Ways To Improve Your Business With The ETL Process

Ways To Improve Your Business With The ETL Process

9/21/2020 12:58:18 AM

Ways To Improve Your Business With The ETL Process

Modern businesses generate a large amount of data every minute. They have to source information from a variety of places, manage it efficiently, and create meaningful conclusions from it.

Over the years, and as the technological evolution took place, data has become a crucial topic and a key factor in every business’s success. Especially, processing them the right way has become an essential solution for many businesses around the world.

If you’re also struggling with managing huge piles of data in your organization, then you should start implementing the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process, as there’s no practical alternative to it.

Ways To Improve Your Business With The ETL Process: WHAT IS ETL? 

ETL is the abbreviation for Extract, Transform and Load.  The process is responsible for the extraction of data from one or many source systems, the transformation of data, and the loading into your data warehouses. It is needed to make your data understandable, and analyzable as a whole.

Let’s have a look at the three phases of the process.


The extraction stage consists of two phases, initial extraction, and changed data extraction. In the initial extraction, it is the first time to get the data from the different operational sources to be loaded into the data warehouse. This process is done only one time after building the data warehouse.

On the other hand, the incremental extraction also called change data capture (CDC), is where the ETL processes refresh the data warehouse with the modified and added data in the source systems since the last extraction.


After the data is captured, it needs to be transformed into the appropriate format because it is likely that the operational systems do not have the same data formatting as the data warehouse. When the data is transformed it is moved to a data staging area. This transformation includes steps such as cleaning, format revision, restructuring, matching,  and summarization.


The last step in the ETL process involves loading the transformed data into the final destination, the data warehouses, or the database. This can be done in two ways, full load or incremental load.

Full load involves an entire data dump that occurs the first time the source is loaded into the warehouse. The incremental load takes place at regular intervals. It is done in a batch process or a streaming process, depending on what fits your business needs.

How Your Business Can Improve With ETL? 

The following are the benefits of using ETL tools to boost growth and enhance the working of your organization.

Visual Flow

ETL development applications feature a graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it easy for users to design ETL processes with minimal programming expertise. Instead of wrestling with SQL, Python or Bash scripts, and other technologies, all you have to do is specify rules and use a drag-and-drop interface to map the flows of data in a process.

Being able to see each step between source systems and the data warehouse also gives them a greater understanding of the logic behind the data flow. These self-service tools also contain great collaboration tools, making it possible for more people in the organization to participate in developing and maintaining the data warehouse.

Competitive Advantage

A solid ETL process can help your company build a competitive advantage. If you invest in the process of ETL, you can get near real-time data insights, giving you the best information to make accurate business and operational decisions.

All in all, it provides clean and filtered data structures for exploitation by different end-user tools, increases data quality and value, and enables decision optimization. Also, the experts at YittBox can provide you with outstanding solutions related to these tools.

Superb Performance

ETL tools simplify the process of building a high-quality data warehouse. Moreover, several ETL tools come with performance-enhancing technologies. Also, the solutions provide the necessary functionality and standards for catching operational problems in the data warehouse before they create performance bottlenecks. They automate and monitor data flows, alerting the IT team to errors during transformation.


ETL tools can combine very large data sets of both structured and unstructured data from disparate sources in a single mapping. Moreover, there are multiple reasons why an ETL project plan is a must for your business.

Invest in this tool today and see how your business blooms. To avail ETL services, get in touch with the team a Yittbox today!

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