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When Is SSRS The Right Tool?

When Is SSRS The Right Tool?

10/14/2020 3:19:44 AM

When Is SSRS The Right Tool?

The blog is about when Is SSRS the right tool? It is hard to think of companies, be it small or large, without their peculiar reporting tools. However, one such tool which can be found in all companies alike is the SSRS tool. This tool may have gone through many upgrades in the past, but it remains the best SQL server reporting tool in the corporate world.

In this article, you will get to know about the infamous SSRS and how it is the right tool to use for many occasions.


What is SSRS?

SSRS, short for SQL Server Reporting Services, is a reporting tool that is server-based. It is best suitable for paginated reports. SSRS is a centralized approach towards data governance; wherein all the report files are placed in a central server. It also provides its users with several self-services features like the scope to run reports on-demand, create reports, and fill in the parameters.

The reports in the SSRS tool are displayed with the help of an HTML 5 rendering engine that is there by default. Even though it a web-based rendering tool, it allows users to export reports in many file formats. These formats include Word, PDF, CSV as well as Excel. You can save these files in a file share or even schedule it to go out as a regular email.

The SSRS tool was bought into the market back in 2004 as an addition to the SQL server 2000. SSRS is mainly a reporting tool that is canvas-based. You can add as many reporting objects that you like, such as charts, tables, images, etc. until you have your desired report.


When Is SSRS The Right Tool For Usage?

The reason that makes the SSRS tool ideal for corporate use isn’t a surprise for anyone. It is a hassle-free and smart tool that makes working efficient. Given below are some areas where the SSRS tool shines the brightest:

Best Printing Control

When you want to create invoices, you can use the SSRS tool. It works best when there is a need for strong formatting control, printing, or even branding. It is a better alternative than MS Excel and comes with more advanced features.

You will be able to use its advanced printing features like footer and header, page numbers, and watermarks. It also helps to configure the margins as per choice.

Highly-detailed reports

SSRS is an adept tool for times when you have to deal with a lot of numeric and textual data. It comes best in cases where there’s a need for operational reporting. You will be able to print invoices, work orders, purchase orders, and much more.

For Securing Data

SSRC is an ideal choice when you want to secure your reports and data. It comes with the facility of specifying permissions on the central server. You can specify permission on crucial financial and audit reports and guard them the way you want.

Best for SQL skilled users

If people in your organization have capable SQL and T-SQL skills, the SSRS tool is an ideal fit. SSRS is licensed like the SQL server that makes administration much easier. Not to mention, you will also benefit from gaining knowledge about it through an active SQL community and a plethora of resources online.

Provides SSDT

If you want a versatile tool that is best in administration as well as a robust development environment, there’s nothing better than the SSRS tool. It comes with the SSDT, short for Server Data Tools that is a popular IDE (Integrated Development Environment). This feature makes it very easy to store reports in source control.

Source control comes in handy when you wish to collaborate on a team as well as go back to the prior versions of the reports. This feature is lacking in MS Excel, and BI reports.



Every organization requires a capable and versatile reporting tool. The SSRS tool, in this regard, is an ideal SQL server reporting tool that is easy and efficient. It is ideal for extracting data from systems and having better control in reporting documents.

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