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How to Grow a Twitter Account

How to Grow a Twitter Account

1/3/2022 9:00:23 AM

Here we discuss tips on how to grow a Twitter account. As you know, the most usable platform for sharing ideas and views is Twitter. Twitter will have had 396.5 million monthly active users (MAU) in 2021. Twitter is ranked 9th in terms of MAU. A top ten ranking here shows the importance of Twitter because utilizing a platform like Twitter offers businesses an affordable way to interact with their audience. They can reach users from all over the world and have the opportunity to engage with their users instead of continually advertising. 

If a company has a presence on Twitter, users can serve as brand advocates. Businesses can keep track of competitors and swiftly solve any issues. Twitter can be a powerful brand-building tool and a marketing multiplier for companies when used appropriately.

How to Grow a Twitter Account: Why should a business have Twitter Account?

  • Twitter followers help your business in brand awareness and sales
  • Give you a close look at your competitors.
  • Engagement with your customers on Twitter.
  • Give customer support and get feedback.

Tips for How to Grow a Twitter Account

Following are the tips for to grow a Twitter account:

Post Relevant Content: The Most Important Tip for How to Grow a Twitter Account

People visit Twitter to participate in conversations and read up on information they're interested in. To increase the number of followers you have, you must ensure that your content appeals to your followers and adds value, whether its tweeting about the latest sales, product tutorials, or news happenings. 

If you're not certain on the subject matter you're talking about, you'll be able to utilize Twitter Analytics to see more about what you can offer to your followers. Investigate the most recent ongoing themes by going to the investigate page and using hashtags and watchwords significant to your industry and target group of onlookers. Relevant content is the most way you can grow a Twitter account.

Use Visual Content

People are drawn to images, and true to nature, users are more attracted to visuals on Twitter. Including graphic media in your tweets can make your posts leave more of an impression. Include various images or video clips to make posts more memorable and appealing.

Here are some tips for using visual content on Twitter:

  • Get some background information on the interests of your viewers and consider what kind of visual content they'd prefer to see.
  • Create colors, content, and other images which will influence in the desired direction.
  • Mix things up with regular topics or even pillars—for instance, Air France's Instagram feed mixes photos from the airport and destination photos.
  • Take note on how you can modify your visual strategy for every social platform.

Optimized Post Times

If you're sending out random tweets, then you have the possibility of having a smaller percentage of your followers seeing the tweets. To cut through the jumble of millions of tweets being shared every day, you need to identify the best time of day to promote your tweets to boost their exposure to your followers. The research findings of Sprout Social below show the most effective times when you can tweet to make it more visible to your followers via their timelines. Optimized posting time is a technical tip for how to grow a Twitter account.

Use Relevant Hashtags in Desired Amount

Hashtags can be instrumental in generating greater visibility on Twitter. They can mimic the approach of a call-to-action button and increase the rate of engagement. The addition of a few hashtags on a Tweet can be a simple way to increase the chance of having new followers discover your account. It is only a few minutes and there are many hashtags to pick from.

The quantity of hashtags is very important to grow a Twitter account. Tweets with hashtags are found to have two times more engagement than those without. Be that as it may, it would be best if you were cautious not to abuse hashtags, as according to this report, tweets with one or two hashtags have 21% higher engagement than those with three or more hashtags.

Retweets Tagging, and Replies  

Retweets, replies, and tagging are tips for brand awareness and ultimately result in the growth of a Twitter account. If you haven't heard of it already, the latest feature on Twitter lets users share their tweets with an excellent opportunity to reuse your most popular and well-known tweets to a larger or more specific audience. Google provides a bigger reward by indexing tweets retweeted many times. 

It is a good idea to track these re-tweets by using accurate analytics. Keep track of every follower who retweets you since they could be your loyal customers interested in the content you post and can spread your message to their social networks.

  • When responding to accounts, bear in mind the that providing a thoroughly thoughtful reply will earn you more followers than a simple one-word answer.
  • Speak up for other brands whenever you can. Tagging ( @mentioning) other brands with an acknowledgment is a well-known strategy to show your appreciation to other professionals in your field.
  • Retweet and share your posts with your followers and friends. Even though it only takes some minutes, it will show that you value your engagement and actively participate in the social media platform.

Commenting and Participation in Chats

Here is the process on how to grow your Twitter account through commenting and participating in chats:

  • Watch other chats and help fill in a gap.
  • Find your topic and then make it the subject in the chat.
  • Select your hashtag.
  • Select a date and a time.
  • Engage your audience with questions.
  • Invite guest tweeters to help organize your chat.
  • Message your chat ahead of time.
  • Get started with the Twitter conversation.
  • If the conversation has ended, you can continue to follow the hashtag.

Frequently Postings 

It is recommended to post on your Twitter account a couple of times per day, but not more than three. Of course, there are many influential users on the internet. But if you're willing to put in the effort and work, you’ll make a mark on any platform. To keep your company's presence on Twitter, you don't have to abandon everything else or take on the fulltime job of tweeting.

Become Part of the Twitter Community

While some of these communities are run by specific members, others are general and offer advice. Sharing information or experiences is a great way to present your profile to potential users. Hashtag analytics will help you discover niche communities that can benefit your company. Also, look through the profiles of influential people and major companies in your industry to find out their effective hashtags.

Get Followers outside Twitter

  • Improve your Twitter account to draw Twitter followers.
  • Engage your Twitter followers in the correct method.
  • Host or participate in Twitter chats to increase Twitter followers. 
  • Be active by creating daily Twitter routines. 
  • Plan and schedule tour Tweets. 
  • You must ensure that there is value in the Tweets you post.
  • Choose the right Tweet to save to your profile.
  • Links to Twitter on your website, as well as on other Twitter profiles.

Paid Followers Campaign Running

Alongside increasing your organic following, it is possible to accelerate your growth through a follower campaign. Follower campaigns let you advertise your account to a specific audience, and you'll only have to pay for followers who follow you after viewing your advertisement. Think about running short-term campaigns to build momentum or an ongoing campaign to ensure a constant stream of new followers.

How to Grow a Twitter Account: The Conclusion

It is YittBox’s mission to provide you with quality content that grows knowledge and helps you grow your business. We always want to create customer value through our blogs. Here, we have discussed some tips for how to grow a Twitter account. Twitter is known for ideas and concept creations. The MAU of Twitter is 396.5 million, and you know that it is a huge audience. It would be best if you didn’t waste the potential benefits of Twitter to grow your business and brand awareness.

We would love your feedback after reading this blog. You should check out our previous blog “Growth Hacking Facebook Strategies

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