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Top 10 Social Media Management Tools

Top 10 Social Media Management Tools

11/3/2021 1:55:06 PM

In the era of Global Marketing, social media management tools become the necessity of every business. There are two sources where businesses are getting traffic. Search Engines and Social Media Platforms. Some businesses only use Search Engines and some are using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YoutubDescriptionis is enough to tell us the importance of social media management tools. Social Media plays an important role in conversions.

Why we use Social Media Management Tools:

We can do manually all the social media activities. But it is a lack of efficiency and effectiveness in Manual Social Media Activities.

  1. Social Media Management Tools save Time by using scheduling and marketing features.

  2. Social Media Management Tools save Costs because you do not need to hire a team for it. Only one man can do that.

  3. They provide complete analytics of social media pages which is helpful in decision making and future strategies.

Top 10 Social Media Management Tools

Here is the list of the top 10 Social Media Management Tools

1.  Buffer

Description: Buffer is one of the most usable social media management tools. Buffer is designed to manage social media platforms through scheduling posts both for the web and mobile. 

Pros: It can manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest at one time. It provides complete analytics about community engagement and the results of the posts. Buffer is also famous for its built-in image editor “Pablo” feature. It is providing both Free and Paid Plans. If you have no big budget for social media management, you can use the buffer due to its economical paid plans.

Cons: Lack of Full Instagram Support and Engagement Dashboard are cons of Buffe

2.  Sendible

Description: Sendible is specifically developed for digital marketing agencies. This social media management tool has contained 20 built-in integrations to social media platforms, sharing websites, and blogs. It also includes Slack Compatibility. 

Pros: The most favorite benefit of Sendible by Social Media Managers, is Content Suggestions Search by Topic. Its most famous tools are Built-in Content Library Storage, and RSS Feed Posting, Sendible has easy access to Canva Design Tool. Complete and Impressive reporting about analytics is also provided by Sendible. Sendible has only Paid Plans.

Cons: It has no Free Plan and worldwide keywords result in monitoring being less reliable.

3.  Oktopost

Description: If you want to enhance your B2B marketing and performance through Social Media Management, then Oktopost is the best option for you as a social media management tool. 

Pros: Oktopost is a set of all-in-one solutions that are developed to provide you with managing, measuring, and monitoring your all social media management activities. Oktopost is helpful for you to achieve your social media goals. Its features include ROI of Social Media Activities, Tracking of your business growth through social media activities, and scheduling of posts. It has robust B2B integration options including Marketo, Hubspot, and Google Analytics. 

Cons: Oktopost is only focusing on Enterprises and has a lack of free plans.

4.  HootSuite

Descriptions: HootSuite is the Best Social Media Management Tool for B2C businesses. HootSuite is a web-based social media management tool that provides a comprehensive ability to manage and display all social media account in a single dashboard. 

Pros: It has a demanded feature to upload multiple Youtube videos to Multiple accounts simultaneously. HootSuite does not need any login to manage multiple social media platforms.HootSuite is web-based but also provides an app for Android and iOS. Comprehensive analytics reporting on a single dashboard.

Cons: Having some uploading issues and a limited number of URL-shortening options.

5.  Sprout Social

Description: Sprout Social is one of the few social media management tools which is providing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It provides you complete a complete profile of the customers which helps businesses to serve them better and build a stronger relationship with the customers.

Pros: Social Sprout is famous for the best reporting features of analytics and gives you deep knowledge about audience engagements. Scheduling of posts and keyword research is also the features of Sprout Social

Cons: No Free Plan.

6.  Biteable 

Description: Content is the main player in Social Media Enhancement. We know visual content has more attraction to the audience as compared with plain text content. Visual Content increases engagement three times. Biteable is specialized in creating Visual Content.

Pros: Biteable offers high-engagement graphics templates, footage, music, and animated scenes. In other words, Biteable is a complete set of tools that delivers you a complete studio at cheap rates. Biteable also offers you a free plan.

Cons: No scheduling feature, lack of analytics reports, and engagement dashboard.

7.  Hubspot

Description: Hubspot is famous for its Social Media Management Tools as well as Social Media Marketing Tools. Using Hubspot, you can publish your social media content, share content, monitor content along with complete reporting and analytics.

Pros: Hubspot offers a free plan. Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Hubspot has organized a single dashboard for all posts where you can see every aspect of your post analytics.

Cons: It is no separate option to purchase Social Media Management Solution. You must buy Social Media Marketing solution to use management tools. Much Expensive Tool.

8.  Social Pilot

Description: Social Pilot is also a well-known rich social media management tool that provides you with necessary post and content management features along with monitoring posts and in-depth analytics reporting for small and medium level businesses.

Pros: Social Pilot is ideal for Small and medium businesses. It also has features to enhance the new social media platform TikTok. Reposting posts automatically is also a feature of Social Pilot.

Cons: It is not the most user-friendly for outdated UI Technology.

9.  SEMrush

Description: Semrush is known for its search engine optimization features. But it also provides compulsory basic tools for social media management tools. Its amazing SEO analytics also transfer to social media tools along with the creation of posts, scheduling, and monitoring of posts across the major social media platforms,

Pros: Complete competitors analysis along with the tracking SERPs and backlinks fluctuations. 

Cons: Not high User-friendly. It has more expertise in SEO and keyword research. It is more pricey as compared with other social media management tools.

10.  AgoraPulse

Description: Agora Pulse is a seamless social media management tool that provides integration with social media platforms, combined with detailed reporting and analytics. This suite also includes a Customer Relationship Management system that allows you to update and track your list of followers.

Pros: Enhance productivity with CRM and ideal for larger businesses. Powerpoint reporting and analytics with data exportable in Excel.

Cons: Pricey as compared with other social media management tools and cost you extra for additional competitor analysis.  

Social Media Management Tools: Conclusion

SMM Tools are an essential part of social media enhancement. Most businesses prefer these tools to manual techniques and get faster and effective results. They have gotten excellent results and increased their volume of sales through these SMM tools. 

If you want to know, how to choose the right social media platform for business, then please click here.

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